'The Bachelor' episode recap

ABC’s Jack Sheahan covers “The Women Tell All” episode when Matt faced the eliminated ladies once again.
3:57 | 03/02/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelor' episode recap
Hi this Guinea starts with a benchmark of every bachelor franchise season. Bachelor nation knows this one all too well it's a chance for those on the show to get together and talk about what happened. Gates tell it all get nasty say whatever they want it went down last night art scene singer bass a analyst actually had. It's here to tell about it act that's right Kenneth Mona this is the women tell all episode. The the seasonal opportunity to come back. Settled scores possibly revise history you get the idea it all went down last night. Ladies trying to get answers about where all went wrong. Yeah a role at batchelor footage. Start off with a an early change between Katie in. Gloria you common disgusting all right all over again the name calling is completely unacceptable and does so sorry I idea accept her apology. Britney addresses that nasty rumor from back in Chicago and sign up to get belated and I didn't sign up to get. My name's Leonard and his Kenneth Lay on the apologies. I am so so sorry for products the analysts pick Abigail sits down in the hot seat he had all the qualities I was a poem or are she talks about her appearances impact on the desk community ipads are people reach out and say no thank you for sharing your story. We all remember Serena feeds. Took herself out of the competition until things wrong. Her son's I would have been doing him a disservice by staying. Mets finally. Explain. I came out of this little bit wiser Victoria gets her last chance to see something thankfully they said. I need assault green flag then I have no words for her. I apologize if he felt offended that now yeah. Ever notice that and met kisses with his eyes open. Women have some things to city. This thing free fall eyes closed it out yet and Ahmed explains why it piper didn't get that rose from our relations are progressing. That much further along with other women at that time when it was time for the looters Chris Harrison off Walsh stole my line brawl bachelor plaudits. Let's roll up. Yeah. Her robe or stand up. Yeah out so alert the broadcasting hall of fame on that one let's leave that. In the past for now looking forward as we often do here on the shelf two episodes left. Next week the final three re. Michelle and Rachel of course bachelor Matt somehow still involved in this whole thing. Opportunities next week to go to the fantasy suite the week after that the big finale. Neil Lane is likely gonna make an appearance two days after the finale hopefully we can all forget about it but Saint Patrick's Day and on that note. Analysts doubt that Jack before you poverty gap now alleges that line again but can you tell us your thoughts on Emanuel hot Cerro. Being the the new who hosts a separate ever Chris Harrison. Yeah today is you know take the reins of after the final rose so we'll see what's gone on and we'll see what's going on back out of grad ever there. We're neither of them about he really means analysts out and I can tell you. The kids in the eyes of and that the star of those are really getting is just like. You know I I don't that we should shame him there's nothing wrong with. Kissing with dry though fan or closing them.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"ABC’s Jack Sheahan covers “The Women Tell All” episode when Matt faced the eliminated ladies once again.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76198419","title":"'The Bachelor' episode recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-episode-recap-76198419"}