'The Bachelor' Reaches the Final Four

Juan Pablo heads to Miami and even introduces his date to his parents and daughter.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Reaches the Final Four
Welcome back at least at this -- at ABC's the bachelor and they are down to the final four women. And -- you know. -- Juan Pablo of course he would talk about it our senior analyst not gonna do your. -- -- -- -- -- Potash trying to tiptoe when it again ma'am I'm starting to Wear down a little bit a couple of round trips back -- to Sochi just for a bachelor -- -- I'm exhausted I don't know about you. Speaking of exhausted. The bachelor was in Miami this week six women started the episode we start the first one on one date with -- and -- was pretty cool. She actually went to meet want problems family. There's mom and dad there's that is. Daughters mom also met -- -- -- the daughter. Another went to a dance recital Kabila did very good everyone got along it was it was. Pretty cool event there was lots of applause -- did well Nikki gets the rose then there is -- lean. The opera singer there one on one date did look like it was going good it did looked like it was going good. She's conflict. She's not feeling it but eventually she goes to want -- -- hotel room shortly in the I'm -- -- here. That's the deal never. She's probably not -- aren't art -- It's probably not gonna miss her back to Heidelberg for shortly. Now the weirdest moment of the season so far there is Nikki and Claire at a cocktail party. Crickets crickets how I'm not a lot going on there our dead silence for the whole thing. Nikki and -- don't like each other clearly understatement there -- got a they both got the rose in the end -- count was two kids count and kids count the role -- -- -- The kids count stops at. Six. So pretty good making around I think we should start giving it a -- counts how -- Kelly yeah every there's somebody cries on the show there's going to be surprised next week. Final court ending -- -- or girl -- Chelsea got the boot next week true Knight bachelor event that will shock America. Shock and all I gotta go -- access and these are men as me. All right well there isn't today a late night TV doesn't you average -- -- Jimmy Fallon hosted his first tonight show and. For the first time in more than forty years thank -- -- -- New York home. -- passes Johnny Carson Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien as -- -- first your first job that is. About the -- rocky recent fast. I'm Jimmy Fallon and I'll be your host for now. Back of the duct tape parade -- celebrities who jokingly thought he would never host the Tonight Show Robert De Niro right scary -- got. And is one of his main competitors. It was a battle -- said Joan Rivers 49 years in the day its entire first tonight show appearance ankle because -- remember those beyond ridiculous -- the Swedish super group obviously we're remembering -- from the seventies -- one reverses or over the top now the man and Albert steps for -- way to save money attack. Stuff understated Jack truckloads are deductible only if they can be proven they were not for daily Wear one -- -- even admits we -- Where those every day. And I Bradley -- should have tried on his tuxedo before taking it to Washington. As he explained to Ellen DeGeneres the actor explained that he got a rare invitation to visit the White House and attend a state dinner for the president of -- -- -- -- wiper is far he's playing in new movie and when he had to get ready had a little costume malfunction so it can be careful. -- -- that -- good thing he said he went komando. Maria had to laugh.

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{"id":22560031,"title":"'The Bachelor' Reaches the Final Four","duration":"3:00","description":"Juan Pablo heads to Miami and even introduces his date to his parents and daughter.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-reaches-final-22560031","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}