'The Bachelor' week 3 recap

Chemistry heats up as Arie Luyendyk's love interests fight for his affection. ABC News' Jack Sheahan breaks down all the juicy details from week 3.
3:23 | 01/16/18

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' week 3 recap
Sure I. Halsey there reminding us that were bad lover I'm Batman movie. For myself I am so sorry because it is bachelor season of course that's right and. You gotta bring in our chief senior global back there analysts can cheerleader Jack Sheehan and a house a lot of this yeah. A little league's all the crap I have appreciated I'm pretty popular brands. Episode two rage. There are already seasoned veteran good news there's a little bit differently no does at least early in the season's eighteen its do you 48 teams begin a team there were eighteen women. Who started the episode. Roll that beautiful yeah. I. Women and Ari putting on a wrestling show. They were doing their best nature boy Rick flair impression wow have to presume that that left Chris Harrison to be the mean gene old girl in the fifth pick up the whole thing. Or maybe you have Gordon Soli while wrote that in WA Phil yeah like 33 in the report was good electric are different. Travis records. Yes none of those this was about as insulting to your intelligence. Pick out of pocket and moving on have. Connect this suspect after notable ladies so for Chelsea on the left and crystal on the right. Chelsea is a single mom she's gonna do it she's gotta do to get her time with or men Ari. And then there's crystal who could could not be more annoying I'll crystal whose irritating condescending voice. Features stings like. Hi me. But she's a winner wanted to single buying any of this spill but there are any and all I got an incredible that it. Chelsea is what she is our is digging both of so far so. Moving on next. Since the what will call now the incident of the episode poor old Vivian on here he used to speak cabana style seemed to eventually get to enjoy him. Or other women. And already did though it's. Now deeper and that is rotten make it out on the whole thing do you get the idea so much for video on in fact it added insult to injury. Bibby added an even get a road. But he buying team Biden's not so much for that she is gone thanks for playing video on finally next. Kids count discount his hometown discount lots of bed kissing they sounded like format of all showing how the kids count stops at twelve as you can well no doubt. Roger that if you have a time to rebuild schools little lips at all X. Some housekeeping stuff here fifteen women are left as we've said Vivian has gone. Warren S and Anna Lee is also gone prediction analyst on the record the winner of this season of the bachelor. Jacquelyn. Jack Jack Jordan though not Chelsea Lauren and Heidi no one no. Speaking of in this why he isn't really a winner. Analysts are out. By. Check them very.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Chemistry heats up as Arie Luyendyk's love interests fight for his affection. ABC News' Jack Sheahan breaks down all the juicy details from week 3.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52373999","title":"'The Bachelor' week 3 recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-week-recap-52373999"}