'The Bachelor' week 9 recap

Things heat up as Colton heads to the Fantasy Suite, and viewers finally see why Colton jumps the fence. ABC News' Jack Sheahan has all the dramatic details.
3:21 | 03/05/19

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' week 9 recap
Get a job at let's get right to with the biggest most dramatic night of bachelor history ever. At our call today is ladies have the opportunity to spend the night end up fantasy suite. Our chief senior national everything bachelor analyst Jack Sheehan is here Jack how did ago stuff. It went pretty well today candidates and then it went completely wrong this whole thing went down in southern Portugal. Role led beautiful bachelor footage. Three women to Asia Kesey and the analysts predict unit G. And Colton I am falling for all three women. Fortunately. About first date with to Asia. They take to the skies again some possible foreshadowing from the very possible. Yeah I come from Britain. There's ways Atlanta. They make it to the fantasy suite. As men we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to perform loan. Now now it's the morning after me. In my dining room Ruth and I am tired as hell for the for the for the process can England's. Change change change we can happen physical intimacy that I want it. Coleman's ex date is with Kasi could drive around southern Portugal and just know. Unite. A teacher. And is this at my time that Jay comes to a screeching halt I did ask him for bus and venomous and can get us for more. Who did it I didn't. Here's a surprise. Sees dead makes the scene deep conversations. In the hotel room you. You left. Love on the rocks any new big surprise for now we're in serious and in the Colton laying it all along the line carefully you'll love you and my community and he's trying to. Should ask. Yep that's it warm up the minivan Cassie needs a ride. Then the moment we've all been waiting its. Job. John. Who just jumped the fence. Do you have any idea or is. He is going. So now we got a bachelor for on the loose in southern Portugal is missing. We got energy hang out in her hotel room G hasn't had a return the fantasy suite tonight. Women tell all hopefully lots of discomfort. And some questions for Colton so we'll see how that goes we'll see if it was actually found yeah. I will go from there bass are missing on that note. Analysts note Jack thank you accept yes that's. My got all else but I our opening that bottle of champagne.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Things heat up as Colton heads to the Fantasy Suite, and viewers finally see why Colton jumps the fence. ABC News' Jack Sheahan has all the dramatic details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61475048","title":"'The Bachelor' week 9 recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-week-recap-61475048"}