And Then There Were Two on 'The Bachelorette'

A trip to the Dominican Republic and the fantasy room helped Andi whittle down her choices to two suitors.
3:07 | 07/15/14

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Transcript for And Then There Were Two on 'The Bachelorette'
Who got the heave ho on the bachelorette. For that we could get aways to the Dominican Republic India nick flying and a helicopter that I that I went and stripping down to their swimsuits with lots of cuddling in the ocean but. Apparently that's not all -- know. And straight into this. Fantasy suite in US. Know it through -- -- -- next Johnson's Dominican Republic day which involved shopping of course in baseball not just baseball but baseball with kids. That sparked the discussion about children and a trip. Later into the fantasy -- yeah finally -- with force tech writing which is. Not anything without and that sparked -- serious conversation about there. In compatibility. Of course there were tears -- a merciful send up. Without forcing him to wait for a -- ceremony but now it's just down to two of course nick and Josh. -- -- and -- choose well time will tell. Well. He knew it was a matter of time before that's -- his own spin on for else happy we're -- -- -- parity tacky. It's going viral featuring celebrity appearances including -- Taylor. Tyler rather Margaret -- Eric -- -- it's also. How who bought it well without part of it makes it ain't videos and eight days promote his new album mandatory -- And my favorite weird -- video was definitely fat take -- of Michael Jackson's bat I loved me out. -- Forgot them there's history -- remove they're too good. All right and landing right on her feet just weeks after getting the boot from the view Jenny McCarthy is lining up a new -- that's yourself that's right however. Official departure from ABC chat show -- -- -- But current it would take to the airwaves to host a live limited run of one week one hour weekly series -- serious except. Dirty sexy funny with Jenny McCarthy will discuss everything from sex and dating to marriage and parenting. The series debuts tomorrow. Sentencing she's she's really got strong opinions I think that makes for great talk radio and she's got people who follow her so good luck to Jenny. -- -- -- But Jenny McCarthy over the years I was a big fan of the view I enjoyed her contributions with the functionality and there are right let's go to some -- he's -- now -- -- was blowing up the candles. -- a celebrity birthdays today Linda -- 68 years old today. Can you believe that Jesse Ventura he's 63. Actor Forest Whitaker turns 53. At once upon a time let up around turns thirty sat at guys happy birthday birthday of -- -- each and every one of you.

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{"id":24562584,"title":"And Then There Were Two on 'The Bachelorette'","duration":"3:07","description":"A trip to the Dominican Republic and the fantasy room helped Andi whittle down her choices to two suitors.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette--24562584","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}