'The Bachelorette' week 7 recap

Our very own Bachelorette Senior Analyst Jack Sheahan takes us through this week's stirring hometown visits and of course who didn't get the rose.
3:50 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for 'The Bachelorette' week 7 recap
He adds it is time SC announced. House. Scanning out it means weekly bachelorette update regional visiting. They guy's hometown it was an emotional scene indeed overnight. RC senior restaurant analyst correspondent. Consultant. Curator at Oregon Ohio is you. You know I love it gets into as it out if there's there's really nothing quite like thankfully there's nothing quite like. The hometown. Episode. Four guys four guys Eric Peter dean and the analysts pick Brian yet. It is time to roll that beautiful bachelorette footage Eric's hometown. Some basketball in Baltimore Maryland. They finally get to meet you should his family. Who have lots a love in the room everybody was really getting on Eric here is here coming on strong down the stretch. The family was his love and Rachel Derek actually told one of the family members I really love this girl. So it's all gone well for Eric. Next. Brian's hometown analysts picked Brian. Down a Miami may have to a place of dominoes while we're there never whole yard. Before meeting the family. It's important to have mom on Rachel's side when it comes to Brian's family there's not apparently heads that. Oh didn't have it wasn't down with Brian's last girlfriend and that was shoes at a here at that point they hated they hated each other basically at a one point. Brian's mom told Rachel. If he's happy I'm happy if not I'll kill you. I got an Antarctic and then and then they go outside rated B a Bryant actually says Rachel I'm in love with you how that went pretty well for Bryant. Next Peters hometown Madison Wisconsin. You're gonna meet some of his broad. Pattern of you know a little local watering hole. Then it's home two meet the family. Peter's mom basically told want to tell on racial. He may not be ready to propose. An old now that's a problem come for Rachel. Because she says I'm looking for a proposal at the end of this opening of that's why I'm not putting myself through all this if I'm not coming out of Iraq can't that's basically what you said that's basic bachelorette Plano one exactly. Peter and then we get to this whole scene next. Aspen Colorado dean's hometown. This was just absolutely heartbreaking get a feel central dean. The family. For what his father has did come some sort of seek. So while Rachel is talking to dean's sister. Dean was basically trying to confront is dead there in his best purple outfit and about their past their. Stanley struggles his mom is passed away consider it sooner you get the idea it did not go well. Between did his father you really gotta feel differently anyway next rose ceremony. Ryan gets the rose the analyst Dick Bryan he got a rose OK Eric. He got a rose who now it's down to it here is Peter. Gets the rose you know what that means. Dean predicted it. No rose for dean. The emotional everybody's crying on the way out you get the idea dean gets in the car. Three dudes left dean is crushed dean. Is Mike government expressed their. Oh well I mean. I lived then you might have everybody runner for the doors will be available talking about it and the dealers around now remotest around the sky coming up next each.

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{"id":48695629,"title":"'The Bachelorette' week 7 recap","duration":"3:50","description":"Our very own Bachelorette Senior Analyst Jack Sheahan takes us through this week's stirring hometown visits and of course who didn't get the rose.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-week-recap-48695629","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}