'Bad Lip Reading' Returns

A popular YouTube series dubs funny commentary into the mouths of unsuspecting NFL players, coaches and refs.
2:57 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for 'Bad Lip Reading' Returns
In the mix now they are back of another version if you haven't seen these sit back and enjoy these guys take NFL players and the things that they're saying and they dubbed in the some other sound but it looks like he's got that actually saying his words as the greatest but I don't seem just listen to this. Once it was as prince he came from like Syria OK he lived with the peaceful monkeys outside advance boyfriends camping. Hanna old sheepdog named hostile scene man standing deep down vote against the print deep deep job adapt. All I know is that no bases that bag guy and a good this is a good one. Fluid stated it don't like your debut by a girl of secondhand. Palin backed. OK he's got the news on news it is banned texting and you go look them while they do this live that it looks like he's got the same. That's good football game by the watch the speaking of deflated things and football it's deeply gate is going to test now. Can't believe this but the Australian Open take a look at this this photo was treated out five former pro tennis player Patrick. McEnroe. With the hash tag oh that was a giant picture yesterday of the giant tennis ball at the Australian Open the and of course it to Jeff. If they didn't think this made it Australian. There's the book. Culture arts underground in New York City. Time to zoom voting. That's little real news Toluca. I don't toilet use street skinny is it's easy to. A million little. Yeah. Senior now wearing pants yeah. It's either. Beat every anger not. It's. Clean yeah. Yeah and yeah. Still that Italy is that it's. Saying I'm. Yeah yeah. And I I am.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"A popular YouTube series dubs funny commentary into the mouths of unsuspecting NFL players, coaches and refs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"28429395","title":"'Bad Lip Reading' Returns","url":"/WNN/video/bad-lip-reading-returns-28429395"}