Bananas and Spiders Makes a Good Snack?

A woman in Britain buys a package of bananas only to find the bag filled with spiders and eggs.
3:00 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for Bananas and Spiders Makes a Good Snack?
Fat the next if you have a phobia of spiders are racking -- will be as they say hey my money and you've gotten this is pretty unbelievable comes courtesy of -- -- Woman in Britain name -- Taylor 29 lives in London she buys back to the madness she notices that she's the Nevada isn't much a white spots on its wonder what's up with that. She sees hundreds of teeny little literally hatching -- she's -- out. Still in the bag in these are not regular spot and the Brazilian. Wandering spiders AKA -- -- Highly aggressive highly venomous spiders they are certified as the most toxic by the Guinness -- -- record. So apparently Taylor attempted to return bananas to the market. I think I would -- them of lighter fluid and set them on fire but that she is okay. And why we need me just that it was just regular house fighters that would be freaky enough -- you got to come and go to the psych -- you just don't come out. Bill White the white bus got me you know -- tax -- of -- -- -- mama egg hatching. Is are they immediately think what what I do in that situation and I can see myself trying to flush the entire back. And shriek like little girl in my case I guess you treat like a little relative had not here. Get. I think -- -- little tastier -- fighters -- your bananas chicken without this is -- -- -- -- in the -- ice cream. This is pretty wild fair is the creator of it's that British guy who has the plates come with me -- delicious he's slightly isn't what he -- -- exotic. Ice cream flavor is -- this. -- our ice cream is apparently made by -- think the signs jelly -- proteins eczema and I think that allows a marine organisms. What -- that light inside the body and he says no need to worry I've been eating it for awhile now. Going anywhere it is gonna cost you. 220. Dollars two -- -- so I'm okay Aston Villa Baskin Robbins. There you have it as we said -- -- meeting that starts out glow in the dark has come out. It's glow in the dark and all right let's get a little scientific here pretty amazing -- -- alone in the universe did statistically it seems impossible that we really would be apparently a new study from the Kepler telescope. Found forty billion starts alone in our galaxy there -- billions of galaxies are galaxy alone has forty billion. Point eight billion of those stars have the goldilocks effect which means there just right not too far not to. Got close to a son. And it's about an earth sized dog -- nine point 08 point 8000000001. -- Yeah. It's nobody right center -- outer galaxy. Let. -- -- -- --

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{"id":20786016,"title":"Bananas and Spiders Makes a Good Snack?","duration":"3:00","description":"A woman in Britain buys a package of bananas only to find the bag filled with spiders and eggs.","url":"/WNN/video/bananas-spiders-makes-good-snack-20786016","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}