Battle of the Divas at Spin Cycle Studio

Charlize Theron and Tia Mowry feud at spin cycle studio.
2:49 | 08/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Battle of the Divas at Spin Cycle Studio
Time now on this Friday for the -- in the battle of the egos at this whole cycle Charlie's around reportedly found did -- -- studio in Los Angeles. Radar online reporting from media start quarters in studio. To band sister sister star -- now -- After she hit the tabloids about -- on rolling her eyes never cat fight in the -- management -- she reportedly had a meltdown accusing them of not protecting her from hangers not. All seems very -- six -- he would sit platinum cards. Oh boy what next it girl is definitely not the sixth grade anymore and she seems she is showing its supermodel Christie T get blasted out this ends -- Graham take a look. Promoting her new super sexy photo students of color issue of Esquire poll -- can't -- -- spread includes -- sporting this particularly. This particular gardening -- a bikini. Fort hills. -- annually pushes the lot where she certainly appears to be a great guy has our director -- director sandy says she's mirroring the -- -- -- The -- Head to another siren heated up the camera lenses that's right and a basket -- that it isn't fatal policy. And the court just like it wipes her -- in an interview on the heels of finished her first -- Eight -- shooting -- would Whitney Houston -- -- and her advice to women everywhere be yourself. And don't be afraid of a little bit of rejection the device for everybody I think -- courts -- -- -- and Smart clearly what the white violently inspection. What to another lesson for women and -- everywhere wrapped up and I love this Christina Hendricks brings -- 1960s mad -- persona. Into a modern office for a Funny or Die -- take a look like a fish out of water she tries to sport paper into a computer. Doesn't recognize -- followed. The joke is on everyone else -- she gets her real message across. In the US. Women make 23% lessons male counterparts. Did you know that -- -- 70% of the minimum wage workforce asking him. On the fifteenth -- -- fortune 500 CEO -- well that's depressing so I figure for going to run our businesses like the 1960s. I'm going to act like you. And of course those were the days when we could all wish you could shake up a martini in Hebron -- Instead of being stuck with. Board coffee. I await them up for shaking up of my -- in the -- -- to watch now it's time that actually see who's going to be shaken Martinis today over their birthday cake. What -- birthday live today -- Seven years -- Actress and singer Connie Stevens is 76 -- -- normal turn 56. And tennis great Roger Federer 33 today.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Charlize Theron and Tia Mowry feud at spin cycle studio.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24896751","title":"Battle of the Divas at Spin Cycle Studio","url":"/WNN/video/battle-divas-spin-cycle-studio-24896751"}