Beaver Steals Man's Prosthetic Leg

Two Wisconsin Canoers return a prosthetic leg after finding it in a beaver dam!
2:52 | 08/09/16

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Transcript for Beaver Steals Man's Prosthetic Leg
All right time now for the mix and we start with. Uninteresting discoveries yeah it's just you guys Elliott Fuller and Jason Franklin were canoeing trip in Wisconsin. And they came across a visa that vehicle then they start to poke around a little bit and suddenly they see a leg. Sticking out of the dam because they are sure they have found the body fat instead. Percent of the prosthetic leg. OK but we're got off. But this is not even half of it. So they then get the bright idea for whatever reason to search the let's see if anybody has put an ad out there for a laugh lagged because that's what you do it and they find. Craigslist believe it or not at Bethlehem are at the corner of Green Bay actually put out of Craigslist that. Asking if adding one found a lot prosthetic leg and offering a fifty dollar reward. The guys give me playing. They didn't it did not. Random deadbeat parents stole it I have Brothers and APB out for that beaver and he did say it was chewed up a little bit tonight they have a leg back. I'll tell you this is probably the best thing to come out of the Olympics so far from last night they the cameras cut. Michael Phelps with hard his some final heat there. Just backstage. With the angriest of faces there because there is another athlete and Australian I believe who was warming up for the 200 meter butterfly in front of him. And so the Internet can thought this is a next. Crime Jordan at. This guy made him and took to assess swimmer and and then this 10. Really captured him. The exact sort of laser stare that Michael Phelps was giving. Can kill exactly. And then this I guess this from the the game assassin creed. Kinda looks like Darth Vader Carrick. Loans and yet her Carlo Lawler yeah are exactly. Maybe he's upset because a weed don't get any free pizza for every gold medal otherwise folks would have had a lot of forget about now. That would matter is I say that is because there is a restaurant chain in Australia. That is now offering exactly that when Australia wins gold. You can get yourself some free food as long as the meal is under seventeen dollars. Completely free to do is sign up for the restaurants. Sort of you know they call it. But yet often nasty code they're sort and their their. Customers that's not Larry Australians. If you senator didn't know you don't get a free meal for every gold medals you get a free now for every day that Australia wins both even though our. And I don't. You don't get one day every foods so that sit and have there been many takers. You know they'll to have the government who vetoed it calling them just minutes apart just one person one person with. Significant only predicted that rebellious.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Two Wisconsin Canoers return a prosthetic leg after finding it in a beaver dam!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41228050","title":"Beaver Steals Man's Prosthetic Leg","url":"/WNN/video/beaver-steals-mans-prosthetic-leg-41228050"}