Ben & Jerry's Debuts Special '30 Rock' Ice Cream

The long-running NBC sitcom is getting a special send-off from Ben & Jerry's.
2:55 | 01/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ben & Jerry's Debuts Special '30 Rock' Ice Cream
Welcome back everybody this is -- -- -- -- -- 30 Rock fans out there as you probably well know the show is over again Thursday. -- January 31 this Thursday is the series finale so to mark the occasion. Get a job and makes a little bit Ben and Jerry's is getting ready to unveil at 30 Rock theme that. Ice hey labor could be cool so the co-founder Jerry Greenfield is set to unveil the new ice cream -- its name. At a special final viewing -- a final party such -- party on Thursday being held just steps away from Rockefeller center of course where the series is set. Tip given -- speculating will be something who -- been -- full of lead character Liz Lemon played of course by those wonderfully funny Tina Fey so. We shall see but -- clearly those -- you. Are missing -- show can indulge yourself in some 30 Rock scene which of these analysts -- should be get a for the finale will be good Thursday so -- rats a nice run. To our friends over. On 30 Rock. I think nice run got postal worker who retires. After 44 years never took -- six day. -- an average ticket -- -- there she is Debra Ford on January 31 of this month she will retire from the US Postal Service. Without using any of her sixteen finally friends say he's sticking -- that is we salute that's always an amazing honored as people get sick or. Sometimes we owners need -- mental health day I now. So literally for years so let's take is that oil spill out I -- to think -- This take this opportunity choose to -- a shutout to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hello immediately say yeah. How well you let me say before launching -- -- there. And everything they -- you have now. Morales -- what it well as -- shot I've never would have that moment the name game which is ironic that every day he makes music -- -- -- Yeah. Also -- story here biggest pizza delivery ever US servicemen in Afghanistan. Are gonna get 21000. Deep dish takeaways for Super Bowl Sunday what's the biggest pizza chicken Wednesday. The year the -- floated from the great city of Chicago this group called pizzas for patriots. Teaming up with the international express shipping provider DHL express to get his -- to the troops 21000 ready to make Chicago style -- go to Afghanistan. And Kuwait. And who doesn't love -- good -- yes congratulations. This this was really interesting to me apparently how a man. -- -- get not only to attract a lover but can also ward off. I. You can't really knows what we're doing. My first president --

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The long-running NBC sitcom is getting a special send-off from Ben & Jerry's.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18351823","title":"Ben & Jerry's Debuts Special '30 Rock' Ice Cream","url":"/WNN/video/ben-jerrys-debuts-special-30-rock-ice-cream-18351823"}