Bringing Baby Home: What 5 Things Do You Need?

ABC's Lana Zak finds out what items you must have to take the baby home from the hospital.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Bringing Baby Home: What 5 Things Do You Need?
Are. Welcome back yesterday we introduced you to use theories in the -- -- every pregnancy and parenthood. With our own early morning not -- to be -- that can. On his protest this -- thanks -- -- after I cheered the news that my husband and I are expecting twin girls. I heard from so many of you on FaceBook and Twitter at -- is that -- take early morning mama. Like Cody parents who wrote that he and his wife just found out that they're also expecting twins. And we need all the help we can get stem -- to get some great help we are joined by apparently Downey the founder of wheat brain -- gonna show what the essentials that anyone needs to bring baby homes so status you have to be turn -- the -- -- -- -- but you actually need to get beating them from the hospital. And -- -- difference between a great car seat in the currency we should stay away from -- that they think that. I think the important thing really installation and making sure that insecurity in your car properly something should be practicing now I guess it probably is and -- he needs -- help your local police or fire station often offer assistance. I've seen some -- out. Essentially this is really easy for me because there's so much cute stuff ever that's the one thing I feel like I can -- You and -- all of a mile trip to new born is that it can pretty scary tip tip click at T shirt on over and you weren't had. So week eleven these subtle -- -- teacher so you can put it right on the media without having to pull it down over the babies -- And we -- hit a one wonderful Facebook's suggestion for money saving from the marine Stratton she says that she took these little one of these and he -- And she -- -- messer babies grew tall -- cutting off the bottom and in Houston T shirts that is a great idea one way to help -- with all those big. -- ticket items exactly in another one of those expensive items that is of course an essential. That diapers all the look at how cute things Turner's -- teeny tiny you -- you have a lot of choices to make when it comes to diapers cost organic. I bet Kemper sparklers are in the most popular -- -- we spring and parents say that they love them because of this little strike here. It turns bully you when a diaper needs to be changed and I actually read that a -- -- is gonna go between ten and twelve. Diapers a day so I'm looking at a 140. -- -- 170 diapers and a week. Really be alive thanks going to be here that's friends. And what are the other hot topics that you heard from and everyone who responded she was just. All about sleeping actually the most popular comment was from -- Ingersoll who wrote. -- -- the baby sleep everything else can wait until their sleeping longer hours so in the cap and it's much easier to us. April when the babies drinking if you're sleeping where the baby -- thanks -- -- she asked nets here today. -- this one right here pulls a right after the side of your bat suit you can you reach over comfort that meeting -- -- -- -- actually having to check yourself. And Nissan -- Eric converts from that fast and that took pretty well if you wanna get out Little Rock Marcy my you can rock you meet me and asked if her to sleep. And what about these slot Willard -- here I've I've seen them I've heard of them but they just look like. -- -- -- -- that can consider this why are great to help meet your new -- feel more secure when she's sleeping. But BC from -- -- users at users actually popular not just for spot -- that because they're kind of like -- Swiss army knife that you can use it hasn't nursing cover or. As a -- clock and you can even put it over your car seat as -- -- and you can use your imagination for all the other eighty cents. Highly let my imagination and all of you out there be my guide that they'd embarking on this adventure isn't so great I feel like you're learning a lot didn't really in there can pretty comfortable or any other great tips that you've gotten so far from my face -- well we heard so many people told us just. Use your own intuition people have been doing this for a long time which. Thank goodness people are reassuring me about -- speak with you know I got a little. Overwhelmed isn't the -- -- but -- Flabbergasted my feeling we got and -- -- to -- That is understandable. Ladies think you sound -- -- eight and again if you have a question a lot had to W and N dot com. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Lana Zak finds out what items you must have to take the baby home from the hospital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22871732","title":"Bringing Baby Home: What 5 Things Do You Need?","url":"/WNN/video/best-products-for-newborns-new-parents-22871732"}