New bike gadgets for Bicycle Safety Month

From helmets with built-in turn signals to lightweight bike locks, The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off the latest gear for avid cyclists.
4:43 | 05/18/20

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Transcript for New bike gadgets for Bicycle Safety Month
So much of the nation RD basking in warmer temperatures sold many of us are already hitting the roads on our two wheelers but there's no reason to leave tech behind when you kick it into high gear. So joining us this morning is our own kids who is Dick DeBartolo with his favorite bicycle gadgets. Just in time for bike safety month good morning day. Good morning Mona I have firm -- bell menu Neil L middle close this pretty neat let me show you some of its teachers crack. Want lighting this is what a motorist. Behind you will see comes on at dusk automatically lets you control with your phone we're all lights in the front also. Grays lane you're making turns let's do a right turn here so the lights signaled a right turn. It isn't clicking in the helmet so that you know that you turn indicator is on. It would do a left turn. And missile left turns and is even as Ellie daylight in the front that shows a left turn to oncoming. Traffic costs it comes with a remote control this little guy here. And with a remote control you can control the gentry isn't here. If you have others with a LaBelle held you can use this as a walkie talkie. You can get GPS commands over that and it doesn't cover your ears seeking here traffic sounds awful so. Awesome so you hands free device that's safety right there but what about security especially bite security. Like security this is need this is the hip lock Z block so this is a quick key way to lock up your bike. So you've got to rent for a cup of coffee you don't want to leave your bike unlocked. But you don't want to drag up the chain in the big head. Head lock. So this little guy has a steel shank inside. So you just put up to them you want to lock that ties to the frame or lock the bike around the pole you just put it on. Who run it on upn and set. On set the combination. And knowing it when you get back to the bike you just read dial it the little three a dial combination lock. And you're set to go and it weighs like of just a little bit over two ounces so quick he locked. Don't leave you bike like overnight with something like this but the quick stops this is an easy way to go the hip block. Z lock. Now this is pretty neat. Riordan. Is a matter of bids. That's a rearview mirror that you aware. So you put it on your wrist or up on urea on either above or below the elbow. There when you get in a position you want you open the little mirror and adjust the angle. And then the mirror is on a 360. Degree rotation. So you're taken me Europe around so you can see behind you. And what's neat about this is since you wearing the mirror this not a lot of vibration is the road is Ross are Embraer weren't. Bolted to your handle bar and also if you rent bikes and I can always go around with your own review mirror. And you have another device it's easy it tape with the especially if your attire and for Ed deflates. Absolutely if you way out in the sticks and you get a flat tie it's very easy to take care of this. With the air chuck a leak in later. Which is said to be the lightest device to inflate the flat tire. You screw on a CO2 cartridge it has a push to inflate our gauge you push on it. And it works on both depressed and charade of valves and in seconds you're tiger is still live there and ready to go again. How often you have one more gadget for us right I don't want to look at I love combo gadgets so this is. This is a speedometer and odometer I'm gonna turn it this way it is also a bright light. It's a less than bright light it's a flashing lights it's a yellow light. There's a little remote in the back that goes up to you handle -- are Garrick two buttons to operate the whole 11 to operate. The gift six different sounds and the other two selective sound you want. Now it's a 120. Deaths a bulls I accidentally tried it out here in the studio. I almost had to replace the microphone so I can just tell you it's very Lal it it also comes with a rear LED tail light. And the whole kit is like thirty blocks so it's a real easy way to make your bike safe. Definitely affordable so for these another novel and useful by gadgets you can always visit Dicks website is whiz dot says as well as our own website W and and fans dot com. Dick DeBartolo think his so much for joining us and we will be right back you are watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"From helmets with built-in turn signals to lightweight bike locks, The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off the latest gear for avid cyclists.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"70739918","title":"New bike gadgets for Bicycle Safety Month","url":"/WNN/video/bike-gadgets-bicycle-safety-month-70739918"}