Biking and Walking Makes you Smarter

A study shows that exercise can make your smarter by improving your brain function.
2:55 | 11/28/12

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Transcript for Biking and Walking Makes you Smarter
Right now parents and grandparent you say when I wouldn't hearing Jack walk to school prayer -- -- mild flu. Bill voting days and they get good grades what we now know a lot. To add Danish universities found that regular exercise -- -- -- up to a -- fear that studies what they did it it looked at kids fit. Walk to school. Reports gathered actually like exercise -- a way to school -- a bike as opposed to students that were riding to school on a plus I'm living there are rules and about the kids. That we're exerting themselves. Better concentration -- -- I can concentrate. The British -- look of concentration and that initially they went into this hypothesis is a look at breakfast and see the effects of practice and they said. Yes food plays a pretty big impact but not as much comparing. All that drive the bus makes no doubt in the minds -- -- -- -- wish the -- Let's say -- it almost -- ride the -- these days -- -- had wanted to -- hasn't all ten miles -- -- man. Twitter. Has now gone a little too far not the actual site of people's obsession with -- because there's a new couple out there that announcement FaceBook and they've named their daughter. Hash tag as -- heads today and I do on and on posts and Twitter that is a little light. And according to the hash tag. Hash tag folks we've gone too far maybe hashed times. I just saw Jason. Tocchet could -- but for reality show you -- own right. Okay speaking of Twitter -- CEO just announced today that you're going to be able to find your entire archive of tweaks. They're hoping by a right next year I know currently if you look at somebody's -- you -- I like the previous 3200. But -- benefit they CEO -- where it's okay you're going to be able to resurrect every night every single tweet that you. Headsets and Twitter locks back in 2006 so basically if you don't want them to see if we just delete it if it's. Deleted -- -- god has some. When you know we after a few too many -- -- sense of the dramatic pictures out on human -- -- since February that got me on -- so -- defense rivers. So be careful that this story I love here. This comes from the Daily Mail apparently there was a website launched back in 2011 called meet at the airport dot com which -- shoe. For allegedly let's say with other people. That the airport. Enter your personal which wrists or static profile and your flight details of -- -- all the people. You could be met with The Who have similar travel schedules is taken off in the US Mexico and Germany as even airport in Finland at the start having -- -- speed dating. Putting passengers at. The airport where he actually date. Photos tomorrow.

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{"id":17825094,"title":"Biking and Walking Makes you Smarter","duration":"2:55","description":"A study shows that exercise can make your smarter by improving your brain function.","url":"/WNN/video/biking-walking-makes-smarter-17825094","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}