Binge-worthy media for the weekend

New music from Ariana Grande, the new Borat movie, and a Bruce Springsteen documentary? ABC’s Will Ganss has those and more in your ‘Weekend Rundown.’
2:09 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for Binge-worthy media for the weekend
What is more than girls and this violence. All of that them. General trips. Chris fourteen years after he made it big screen debut for an. Is back taxes are not Sasha baron Cohen's for a subsequent movie filled out this morning on Amazon Bryant featuring pranks on vice president pens and Rudy Giuliani. Drawing mixed review sitting at an 82% on rotten tomatoes looking for a spooky something before Halloween. That they OK I'm deserves my fifteen year. Hey yeah. Bad hair debuting on Hulu. Today a horror satire about a woman in the 1980s who gets a week to fit in Hollywood and yep. It's possessed and there's new music from the bus out today I think straight pass this thing this. So. Yeah. Bruce Springsteen's latest album letter to you out this morning along with the new documentary black in flight and on the making of the music. And on TV Adele is ready to say hello from the other side of the SNL stage. She joins the show not as a musical guests but as a host for the first time never and then on the world is now community calendar the scarecrow scavenger hunt and Loveland Colorado. It's a great way to have fun ball social distancing. Stanley can drive around looking for scare grows for a chance to win prizes including needs Legos scare crows and there's that man scarecrow that looks totally normal tonight. Third Florida and bring your family and your appetite if you're looking east Jeter while Forsberg even caribou also on the menu. Venison chili and fried fraud. I'll. Of fried for a hug and you're not limited for that how about. Arianna grundy in no White House her new son positions at a brand new music video dropped just a few hours ago and it shows Ari in the Oval Office. Check it out you guys or you know go for the fried frog I don't know. I'm minute divert that to the Florida man who thought I'd actually had alligator stories. It doesn't taste like chickens put Clinton ahead OK that's you Randy down of Florida well banking Al.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"New music from Ariana Grande, the new Borat movie, and a Bruce Springsteen documentary? ABC’s Will Ganss has those and more in your ‘Weekend Rundown.’","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73785863","title":"Binge-worthy media for the weekend","url":"/WNN/video/binge-worthy-media-weekend-73785863"}