Black Friday deals

Consumer expert Vera Gibbons, founder of, shows us how to snag the best deals this holiday season.
3:27 | 11/21/17

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Transcript for Black Friday deals
Aren't so retailers have tried to keep it a secret but. Here's. And we want you to be ready here with the tips to save you money is our consumer expert Vera Gibbons Vera thank you so much for being. He's he or bases and space in the Nittany Lions nonchalantly absolutely you gotta get don't you gotta start your research as soon as possible we haven't Arnie done so we heads. He got to find out who's got what at what price point you start following your favorite retailers you've got to sign up for alert to get a check out what's going on social media it's a lot of work is to be so easy now it's gotten seriously complicated it's not just like rolling up your pajamas at the Wal-Mart down the street and waiting there and then not just running in intensity and won't get what you gonna what price by as you've really got to start the research ASAP. I would also suggest that you time your purchases because it's an excellent time to buy the electronics yeah. Really get time for that. But for things like fashion beauty issues you're better off on Cyber Monday when you've got the site wide sales and that if you're in the market for top ways to two weeks leading up to Christmas is actually in the best time to buy in the last year in the market for the super hot toys like the hassle surprise I think mailings are. Time your purse is great for electronic some really good deals on TVs laptops that kind of. OK so you're saying in essence a necessarily do it for Black Friday south you might want to wait 'til the following Monday. Or wait until this goes back to double research thank you Grail leg didn't Christmas morning at the 7-Eleven or seen it yet so. That's a best time you could always get. I'm discards there's something about me case you didn't is speaking out go to the CBS hey don't knock it you can get some great gift cards but also know where to buy. It didn't know where to buy I mean this is where it does get complicated to. How to my weird I what price point again anti shop on an online do you go in store this is where resources like BS has dot net really come in handy there's also an app so it'll help you shopping hobby compared there's alerts when price actually drops on Europe's the specific items on illicit. I think it's all about being prepared and ready. Did you mention that there is some great deals on electronics but it also Evian should you limit yourself to just electronics a lot of people can this fixate on the electronics for Black Friday and there are some really good deal to me some great TV deals and some great deals on laptops in particular this year but. There's some good deals us that he may be overlooking I've seen some very good deals on vacuum cleaners for exam fall on luggage on sports apparel. On pet supplies pet can PetSmart has some relatives to deal there and even offered just kind of services on pet grooming and teeth cleaning up things about intercept. You don't want to just 61. Area specifically looked look elsewhere consistent good deals elsewhere came. In other cost actually started a deal on vacuum cleaners well before Black Friday through the deals are out there and it's not just necessarily electronics due to worry about in the meantime. Evaluate deals as they come or whether or not they're too good to be true. I mean I just think it just because it's a deal doesn't mean in this joining great. Products I mean some of the door presses for example are no name brands just get way to generate hype and to get you in their so. You wanna read the of or opinions of other people Amazon IT opinions or see the ratings and reviews on consumer reports. Keep in mind too that the average discount on Black Friday is 39% if you can do that or better. You're good to go 39% or better but he can't primary. We'll try we'll seeing. I'm happy shopping moves back and to write down for more tips check out her as web site non political First to what to release now.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Consumer expert Vera Gibbons, founder of, shows us how to snag the best deals this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51294611","title":"Black Friday deals","url":"/WNN/video/black-friday-deals-51294611"}