Blind paralympian prepares for Summer Games

Lex Gillette lost his sight when he was 8-years-old, but says that’s when he found his vision. He spoke with ABC News' Will Ganss.
2:40 | 04/15/21

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Transcript for Blind paralympian prepares for Summer Games
I'm bureau and down a wrong way is best. Yeah. And then. At the last second. Lex Gillette guns out words fly. Now has special meaning for you let stunned not outward lot. It's a constant reminders they reminder you're tickets and nutrition organ ascend the I don't follow our circumstances. And challenges and obstacles. Would like select was eight years old he noticed things started seeming a little bit blurry doctors diagnosing him with Brett knelt attachments he underwent ten surgeries with in the year. The last one doctors said that there was nothing else executive homicide and they say that I would eventually become more. Lex losing his sight completely but finding his vision inspired by his mother and the folks closest to him to continue to excel. His former teacher Brian wit are stepping in what other teachers and coaches. That it might be easier for lax to sit out then mr. Widmer introduced flex two the long jump. We started out with football and then is he got comfortable running towards me. Removed on tear the six lane track now years later Lex is a four time paralympic medalist world champion and world record holder. When he never gets all. And Billy goat. CD yen and selling in the standings. Never gives all likes is currently in California training for the paralympic trials in June have a monster. No need for side. Yeah that is to end of the day for all of us has not decided that concerns our success is having a vision. Being able to receive being used common horizons seeing things going ordinances. Lex says his goal after the trials in June winning a gold at the summer games in Tokyo and he's no long shot either. Lex is the only totally blind athlete to ever a clips the 22. Foot barrier. A long tough guys wow. Just incredible the winning I wrote it down when it never gets solved when I don't get sold my anonymity so direct that I need a lot of big exactly. These athletes we know they've gone through so much they train so hard and obviously with the delay in the Olympic Games and now I'm torn between wine. I just can't wait to see him a key witness him compete obviously be it's gonna look a little different because of the pandemic but I think the and I know this going to be at their bats so. That's right he said he'd like still loves that the messages of support that he gets on it to grant its letter and all of that stuff so. You know if he can't be their hurts and it's here on we'll do it from a social distance. Team USA.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Lex Gillette lost his sight when he was 8-years-old, but says that’s when he found his vision. He spoke with ABC News' Will Ganss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77088453","title":"Blind paralympian prepares for Summer Games","url":"/WNN/video/blind-paralympian-prepares-summer-games-77088453"}