Breaking down summer fashion

Celebrity stylist Dennis Kenney reveals this summer's top fashion trends.
3:13 | 06/21/19

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Transcript for Breaking down summer fashion
Slug stylist Dennis Kennedy is here to show us how to heat up our summer wardrobe thank you so much for being here this morning thank you for having me we brought the beat student I know I love. We are ready to party this summer away and look fabulous guy I am here to support our rights are looking fabulous. Talk to me about briefly dipping summer trends are single season home an amazing trends Loral's prince Lazar designs and beyond bond and you know what I want you to think about the full cohesive look not just the suit. He accessories. The mood. Amazing and speaking of the mood we have some models here too boring I gotta bring exodus to area of course right we have first over here first I want the central paved by just walking in fashionably late. Gorgeous over side is that rimmed hat it's a stunning with a cover up it's beautiful for any body type it flows from Vince commode L. And then this one piece I'd love that plunged us a little bit of the deep drama the gold embellishment and can we please look at the shoes please cameras get on the issue. Suze visited new hot trend right now it's a mosque tapped. Lengthening the lake and just overall fabulous but still seek fabulous and chic and making a one piece sexy I love it axles could have a Titanic moment on of the shipwreck. The public through the flo a cup. Six that the alleged they felt like we have not well. The women cannot have all the fun the guys to get a joint in Iraq are still wants you have to reinvent the wheel it's more just playing with fabric lighten it up it's hot so we go to live in light. Off what turquoise and then knocked up has got it right and all of the guys swimsuits. Coral this is a must have color particularly for the men the marlin print plays off beautifully. And then I'm bringing the suit game big time sandals gently sandals jellies and you need them in every color. And it's incredible because if you're at the beach those can get -- making get wet and you'll have to worry about running issues. Instruments he's into conversation piece to you know it's just something that sparks a little bit of fun and spontaneity that's who we wanted to you I love it and these colors make anybody look tan whether you've been hiding in a studio also Roland you darn right they are very complementary and just a real nice flow he doesn't think he's trying too hard but he is wealth products high lovely. Black and white does not always have to be boring so I want to kind of reinvent the basic black you know what you do that with a laser printer and a beautiful embellished rumpled shoulder. Particularly with the slender frame you bring up the ruffle it does balances and it's fabulous. A so wrong you can't go wrong a sensible gold Aspen drilling can we talk about the factly that backed him in a sell out everywhere. A super cute fishermen back I thought I mean you walk in ranked there finished it with some and it backed Hillary and it's heads turning left and right. Heads turn and look at it actually. You're and it needs week view its annual people's OK I can't Wear that he'll well you know what bring a little flip flop in the back put them on after the poll and your and your god put forward to bring everybody back out here. Models thank you so much for coming to our beach party this morning Dennis thank you if banks want more information on any of these looks where can make up style with Dan not on also some media outlets that we'll get you through summer and then I'll take care in the faulted.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Celebrity stylist Dennis Kenney reveals this summer's top fashion trends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63860847","title":"Breaking down summer fashion","url":"/WNN/video/breaking-summer-fashion-63860847"}