'Bridgegate,' School Shooting and the News of the Week

Chemical Spill, Movie Theater Shooting and Wildfires made up the week's headlines.
3:00 | 01/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Bridgegate,' School Shooting and the News of the Week
We saw a little bit of work before we hit our weekend. Before we take off it is time for our weekly Friday realize that we get news in just ninety seconds and once a week it was from a scandal over a bridge to poison water under the bridge and a potential celebrity felony over and. Keep these two children. In your prayers were shot about simply sitting. In the gym. Waiting to go to the condition that plan is not -- the danger -- To the previous winner in the dangerous to the current. They started arguing again about the cell phone. The guy who was shot sits on her chest was texting my daughter and three year old daughter. -- the pilot came on instead. I'm sorry -- -- we landed at the wrong airport. Storms are not going to be coming in the California which means this -- in California is going to get far worse before it gets any better. The last week. Has certainly tested this administration. Mistakes. Were clearly made. As a result. We let down the people. We're entrusted to serve there is no basis in reality. 462. Game suspension. Coming to -- factual basis records of. Million dollars sounds like a -- but in reality it might not be enough to cover these players and their families not just now. But to the decades to come right here. -- -- -- How can I get that it was that would base which makes you feel that it's a lower level crime but a felony crime -- -- felony crime no matter how you committed. If it's time he had this music what do they suddenly just thinking it is getting any cost because you -- -- -- detect. Which are probably -- -- we want to remind you about a special feature for fans of world news now it's called in case you missed it the best moments from the show condensed. Into just a few minutes. It'll be on our FaceBook page W and and fans dot and -- we get a football as well I'll be watching that on the couch you that you're too little wedding I'm going to let anybody who dancing around with the alleged on -- hadn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as -- -- When that next week.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Chemical Spill, Movie Theater Shooting and Wildfires made up the week's headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21568652","title":"'Bridgegate,' School Shooting and the News of the Week","url":"/WNN/video/bridgegate-school-shooting-news-week-21568652"}