California Red Flag Warnings Cause Fire Concerns

Low humidity, drought and Santa Ana winds have firefighters on high alert in the Golden State.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Red Flag Warnings Cause Fire Concerns
Power with a red flag fire warning California that we. Mentioned in the headlines officials across the Golden State very nervous right now conditions are ripe for a major fire that officials believe could break out just about anywhere. California has the perfect combination of conditions right now for a major fire -- break. Extremely low humidity widespread drought and strong Santa Ana winds. It is Dreier I can feel it in my head and everything it's drier. A small fire on -- island between San Francisco and Sacramento grew quickly and burned across nearly fifty acres. At least one building was lost and a small island was evacuated in Southern California fire crews worked fast to limit the damage from -- fire right alongside the famous Pacific Coast Highway. Aircraft brought into dropped tons of water on the flames as they burned just feet from multi million dollar cliff top homes. None of them were damaged but elsewhere residents weren't so lucky. Might have forgotten. -- -- -- -- -- That man's house and at least one other were lost in a Riverside County fire about a dozen other buildings and forty vehicles also burned. The red flag warnings for fire danger are expected to remain in effect until at least tonight. Firefighters say it is still dry conditions in some areas of the state are more like what they're used to seeing at the height of fire season in September or October. The weather certainly in usual and so. Who were being vigilant and monitoring the weather part of that whether -- those gusty Santa Ana winds blamed for bringing down plenty of trees including a 45 -- that crashed onto a school building in San Bernardino. And the serious this situation is so serious they are -- hiring seasonal firefighters ahead of schedule a just to try to get on top of -- Does matter for the 125 firefighters coming back to strengthen just the Bay Area alone and -- up and down the state it is just so dry there and it's scary stuff it -- -- it you can see the heavy smoke it's now covering the area that's another concern there -- -- down. All right investigators in San Jose California they are on the hunt for an arsonist to a set more than a dozen early morning fires in just -- last week. -- best lead as a surveillance video showing a man walking back and forth moments before flames erupted across the street. Neighborhood watch groups are on alert around the clock and so far two nights -- passed without another fire.

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{"id":21538663,"title":"California Red Flag Warnings Cause Fire Concerns","duration":"3:00","description":"Low humidity, drought and Santa Ana winds have firefighters on high alert in the Golden State.","url":"/WNN/video/california-red-flag-warnings-fire-concerns-21538663","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}