Camera Captures Polar Bears in the Arctic

The USGS released video of female polar bears reacting to a loss of sea ice in Alaska.
2:56 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for Camera Captures Polar Bears in the Arctic
-- Massachusetts who are really amazing kid whose name is Randy -- only seventeen years old he's from Minnesota he spent every day an entire year camping outside. OK that's good -- itself. Do you remember this year Minnesota the polar vortex in order to talk about half price listen -- of -- -- -- 76. Sub zero nights in this OK he's a boy scout and he's raising money for habitat for humanity. He pitched ahead -- -- doctors believe he said at the knights weren't so bad but -- -- he's got down a 27 below one night. But -- came as hollowed out that a pile of snow. He said he kept attempt to about ten degrees warmer than outside he relied on layers police liner in a money back into what was sleeping bags of three -- -- Many -- three layers of pants. And up to seven what -- Mom think about that title and album is a good kid he raised a lot of guy doesn't get the Eagles got bad oh my god let this -- this -- -- from the went back tough -- Yeah that is want to get what. Well from cold to cool polar bears the US Geological Survey has strapped on cameras on to the next -- polar bears. Take a look at this -- web video looks like -- females in the Beaufort Sea ice north of Alaska. -- -- -- And so this is -- the video looks like they strapped to find those females -- want to look at a loss of sea ice. From climate change and what they style where bears eating the icy ocean waters. Tried to eat frozen seals and interacting with males they're hoping that by releasing this information it might help scientists. Understand the bears nutritional demands and even their energy. Expenditure as the sea ice is declining. We know for sure all right from big fears for -- says something a little computer -- -- -- -- How about some running baby goats no that's not -- thank you gotten back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seven minutes in Cumberland Maine and sunflower farm and the -- needed to break apparently come -- I -- -- -- after making go to. So the baby's got a little exercise in the so -- that it's making. -- is my young children. Absolutely. So big dated paper talk about -- they're launching a new. Product about this last week did you really good yet he said he didn't regional would you this absolute so what you're looking that is a burrito. Still the season beat rice chipotle sauce and sour cream. It's all wrapped up in the -- -- And it'll sell for between two to three bucks roughly. They tested really well is your best selling product -- test market since the. To -- -- locals tacos which did very very well you really looks good yeah sadly that won't and I mean not needed every day you know. Stay little help you. I'm driving through a minority down get one of their -- to bring you want to learn. -- -- --

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{"id":24052667,"title":"Camera Captures Polar Bears in the Arctic","duration":"2:56","description":"The USGS released video of female polar bears reacting to a loss of sea ice in Alaska.","url":"/WNN/video/camera-captures-polar-bears-arctic-24052667","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}