Was the Capitol riot planned?

A number of House Democrats are demanding an investigation. ABC’s Faith Abubey has the details.
2:53 | 01/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Was the Capitol riot planned?
This morning growing calls to investigate whether members of congress were giving groups reconnaissance tours of the capitol. The day before last week's attack. More than thirty house Democrats signing this letter to capitol security officials. Requesting an immediate investigation into the suspicious behavior. And access given to visitors to the capitol complex. The lawmakers say they witnessed an extremely high number of outside groups the day before the riot which is usual given that public tours of the capitol ended in March to any point because of the pandemic. It see John Shin Bet. We should ask all members if they were giving gore urged. In and he the days. Prior to January 6. I would hope every member would volunteer that information. At a member of congress was necessarily conspiring. And now new details about the unprecedented security for Joseph Biden's inauguration next Wednesday. At least fifteen states or sending National Guard members. Up to 20000. Troops are expected in DC four times the number of US troops in Iraq an Afghanistan combined. It almost feels like an occupied territory down here on two blocks in the US capitol big fencing is up all surrounding the perimeter so you can't get any closer. An everywhere you look you see police. Or National Guard troops. Authorities tell ABC news they are monitoring of 210 events organized by demonstrators coming back to Washington some calling this a week of siege. And a joint bulletin NASA security officials worry. Last week's riot could fuel more violence from extremists security also being cramped up at all fifty state capitals. The FBI and Homeland Security are reportedly most concerned about violence in Minnesota Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Election battleground states. In the meantime scorn from Iraq have been made in connection to the capital insurrection. Robert keep packer is under arrest in Virginia officials say he was the writer wearing a hoodie with the words camp also it's on. Two off duty police officers also from Virginia face charges have to take in the self feet inside the capitol. And it used a police officer has been placed on leave accused of storming the capitol in some cases people are turning in their own family members. Those people that are do you know who's. Her big kind of things are actually my relics. Eighteen year old Helena duke of Massachusetts calling authorities after she's does she recognized her mother and uncle in the mob. And I did not been I was I feel that is as bad as them I needed to call them out or what they had done. As some other security precautions being taken ahead of next week's inauguration. American Airlines has it will not serve alcohol on its flights coming into DC. And here BMB is canceling reservations in the area.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"A number of House Democrats are demanding an investigation. ABC’s Faith Abubey has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75247633","title":"Was the Capitol riot planned?","url":"/WNN/video/capitol-riot-planned-75247633"}