Carnival Triumph Cruise Passengers Describe Ordeal

The Carnival Triumph arrived in Mobile, Ala., after being disabled from an engine fire.
3:32 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Carnival Triumph Cruise Passengers Describe Ordeal
Passengers who spent more than a week on that cruise ship were grateful to be back on solid ground some bent down and kissed the -- that after stepping off of that -- in Mobile, Alabama ABC's -- Gonzales is watching the drama unfold. Good evening this ship pulled into the dot here about four hours ago. And still passengers are disembarking. Cheering -- their nightmare on board. Is finally over. Good luck smiles with a long distance passengers on the carnival triumph sweated out their final minutes aboard the luxury liner that became a -- -- prison ship. -- -- -- -- -- mean yeah in. The trial -- Port eight days ago with more than 4000. People abort. But in engine room fire Sunday left them -- vessel a helpless giant. -- -- in the Gulf of Mexico with no power sewage seeping down walls and scarce rations for passengers it was a nightmare. Sewer pet back in have been there eight feet. Six inches that it all evidence yet in that dining area where we had they eat. Carpeting in the hallways soaked in urine the heat and -- forced passengers topside where they put up a kind of shantytown. Living in the open. And sleeping on deck. One sick passenger was -- To safety that being a little medical -- this season that I hope and pray that they are they're okay. -- -- -- the passengers' -- Steele isn't over buses carried wearied travelers on the next leg of their long trip home. Passengers will be reimbursed offered a -- cruise and 500 dollars. I know it is very difficult. And I want to apologize again for subjecting our guest -- that. And there's not taking the bus is provided by carnival are finding their own way home. Saying they are to -- desperate for hot food and hot shower to wait. We're live in Mobile, Alabama Marcy Gonzales ABC news now back to you. All right thanks a lot -- some of that report appreciate that unbelievable you can imagine that'll probably be. The greatest -- and greatest hot meal they've had -- -- its entire long life I have to share. That one woman who was medevac in fact she had suffered a stroke are waiting on word about her condition -- a serious condition this of the -- happy to -- they got her. Off the ship -- you -- -- some folks like. I don't wanna be on your bus I'm whatever -- get out of here get close -- get to a friend's house -- -- mobile or family member whatever. Not only that -- -- I don't want your 500 dollars I want your free cruise gimme my money back and let me walk away. The president and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines. Gerry Cahill did not say he was going to get on the ship but to personally apologize to the people that -- on there as soon as it should -- said he was gonna get on there. And apologized what I think though. Social media has blown up about how with a terrible experience but they were appreciative of the crew members who really did at least tried to make it somewhat a decent XP -- Let's be real the crew was suffering to get into the -- -- ambitions and their -- also the bad part imagine all those days we didn't get to look. Back to land. Only one functioning elevator fall -- -- so 4000 people trying to get off one ship with one. Elevator to get back to grab you -- it took them hours decent -- I don't. Animation those folks don't deserve -- -- lucky behind. Are happy for them to hell and back now right.

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{"id":18511980,"title":"Carnival Triumph Cruise Passengers Describe Ordeal","duration":"3:32","description":"The Carnival Triumph arrived in Mobile, Ala., after being disabled from an engine fire.","url":"/WNN/video/carnival-triumph-cruise-passengers-describe-ordeal-18511980","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}