CDC issues warning for the holidays

The agency is urging Americans to stay home for Thanksgiving. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports on why.
2:44 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for CDC issues warning for the holidays
This morning as hospitals bear the brunt of the surging number of Kobe cases. Morgues are. Are overwhelmed in El Paso, Texas to reinforce a set up a whole new facility just to process bodies meanwhile the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota coping with more than 900 inspected staffers now has the called doctors and nurses out of retirement. There comes a point or health care system stretches. And eventually. It breaks. And when that happens it's too late CBC is urging Americans to stay home for the holidays saying the risk of transmission is too high. Positive but he in the last thirty days has risen from an average of 5%. 210%. On Thursday the White House corn of ours task force held its first press briefing since July. Doctor Anthony count she praised the effectiveness of the wiser Emma durn vaccines and reassured Americans the vaccines will be safe. While vice president Mike Pence promised things will get better we see light at the end of the tunnel but the task force left abruptly. Refusing to answer questions. Doctor felt you cleared up some lingering confusion during an interview overnight I said help is on the way which to me. I think should motivate people even more. To double down he also elaborated on how the vaccine will work it prevents severe disease and to prevent symptomatic disease. Whether or not it prevents infection within a find out as the country eagerly awaits a vaccine we're getting a clearer view of who's suffering the most. Wayne Allard and entertainment or insulin he wanted to or. ABC news took a closer look at data showing the 100 counties in the US with the highest death rates. Most to rule pork and have limited access to quality health care in North Dakota one and every 1000 residents has now died from the virus the air force is now sending nurses into the state icu the neighboring South Dakota hit hard. With new cases spiking by 400% in the last two months. With still no statewide mask mandate other states are imposing new lockdown of the restrictions but outreach is growing. And New York Paris or pro testing the city's decision to close schools. Good. Do you don't eat. And California's governor is facing pushed back after ordering curfews for hard hit counties. Looking when he listened to live Heather game he Nevada and party liver cancer turn around and just go half planet we have to stay home that's like. They'll spend their. Critics calling governor Gavin Newsom a hipper crowd after voters showed him in joined dinner with a dozen people at this lavish restaurant no mask no social distancing. Limited indoor dining was allowed at that restaurant were Newsome was eating by the governor amidst the dinner was a mistake.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"The agency is urging Americans to stay home for Thanksgiving. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports on why.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74313883","title":"CDC issues warning for the holidays","url":"/WNN/video/cdc-issues-warning-holidays-74313883"}