Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: Rob Nelson's Funniest Moments

World News Now's longest-serving male anchor sent in a special message to celebrate 25 years!
4:18 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: Rob Nelson's Funniest Moments
Although it took some time it wasn't worth the wait to see this little squirrel in action. Heck that's. Wasn't hot mountains. That was spectacular. Eighty pretty you know. The all in the net here. Witness world of the woman who is within their midway. And Jerusalem robs on this issue this is just kick. About ride these guys can't know felt it was. All I try to fire when blue room doesn't work then rob didn't have an adoption. No he really personified the show rob Nelson. Here's a news there's station here in New York but he had this message for his WNN fans well greetings again tragedy insomniac nation it is. Crazy to me and I remember being on the steps. Five years ago during the twentieth anniversary was Paul harris' first week on the show and it was the twin anniversary as wells I can't believe. There's been five years now you guys or quarter century old finally old enough to rent a car that's awesome so happy birthday is such a cool anniversary thanks to let me be. A part of it I gotta tell you you know even though it's been about four years since I left the show it was just. An amazing. Experience not just the behind the scenes crew and the news we got to cover. But some of the Y old wild stuff we get away with because executives weren't watching. I do think once or twice and there's some fairly memorable things on the show that I probably will never ever again. Do in television I just don't seem to remember what they couldn't be in but I guess you're about to go to the tape. And. Asking rank and Kendall can't. Okay. I didn't have been lifted. Previewing editor Rick yeah about predicted he'll spitting liberal voters really don't let. Welcome that left left left left left think that's good did you. It won't really go after school special fat. So lovely it was. All without the mud. That's what I'm talking about the war until we know I was the big news is that way he'll grab yeah. No apology and called on this. Eight. We have so much but you don't wait. We're near the world news now internship program. This is. Blue hand after all that I still somehow have a job. In television and all serious is no it you know it's that kind of Zain in this and a reverence that makes world news now what it is it is the most fun. Most unique network news program out there and also on a final no hearing rumors. That might cut out that they used on my farewell show almost four years ago still. Did you see building and things that over there but can this end and also. Had it on the set with them silent thank you for letting this spirit the cardboard spirit of rob Nelson still haunt world news now. In addition aged quite honestly it's just know it's nice to know that I can stay erect that long. My god dad so I'm talking about I don't that no longer birthday to my young men and Barack Barack. Grant you noted would have been joke that's incredible. But rob you know he's. It's he's kind of like hung out in the rafters all the side also like that rob was saying he appreciates it we're letting his spirit on to the show that you can tell they're just playing it rob Nelson is here whether they're in and around. Our that you couldn't flat rather weak I appreciate you being with us and then yeah. Yeah he looked a little flat today. Very one dimensional.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"World News Now's longest-serving male anchor sent in a special message to celebrate 25 years!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44594219","title":"Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: Rob Nelson's Funniest Moments","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-25-years-world-news-now-rob-nelsons-44594219"}