Celebrities React to Paul Walker's Death

Actors including Seth Green, Olivia Wilde and Vin Diesel tweet about their shock and sadness.
4:04 | 12/02/13

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Transcript for Celebrities React to Paul Walker's Death
I don't entertain everyone and we start out with -- -- news good news of Paul Walker -- fast and furious -- dead at forty from this accident he was leaving a charity event. He decide to take a ride in a portion of one of his friends and they had a terrible crash on the right back from that right. Crashed -- into a pole near Los Angeles and he lost his life so does that that the person driving. In a fiery crash were friends rushed to the scene to try and help but they were there too late now. People in the entertainment industry are reacting including in these are all treats including Seth Green says and -- in the second shocked and sad to hear about Carl walker. But in several times over the years -- hard worker and always kind prayers. Olivia Wilde also tweeting this out heavy heavy heart tonight Paul Walker was a genuinely good sweet kind laid back loving person sending much love to his family and his co host are his costar in all of the movies that he was in the fast and furious Vin Diesel tweeting out my brother and I we aimed for the stars together and achieved more than we ever -- we could. With at an act fast and furious there you have -- he leaves behind. A fifteen year old daughter. And a longtime girlfriend as well and it's also kind of went through. Intertwined into what's gonna happen to the fast and furious franchise -- -- you were filming their seventh installment that it was set to be released on July 11 2014. And now sources are telling TMZ that some of his co -- -- co stars are so incredibly sad about this whole thing that they don't want to move forward the franchise anymore but of course the producers and directors are trying to find a way to -- still make this happen they just don't know if they've. -- and -- scenes with him in them too. Have an entire movie -- -- let -- and it sounds sad without really incredibly sad. By the -- some of the stars of this franchise Vin Diesel -- Reese who was also at the crash scene you know paying his gun. He's been praying obviously for his French lit a Christmas our jury is doing Johnson and. It's grossed two billion dollars worldwide it's incredibly popular movie -- like he's -- liked by everyone whom it seems. Michael -- got the right stuff fifty years old him in his new relatively new wife yeah. Are expecting -- According to. That talk TV news in this will be the fourth child for the Chicago Bulls star he has three grown children with -- sex life but this will be the first child. For the Cuban American model and yet they tie the knot back in -- April after five years abating so well congratulations to them. Gary -- -- right now I've just got how does that relate Bismarck where it very interesting person showed up on the local news. Will -- Playing the role of Ron Burgundy the entire newscast thanks to real live co anchors they did their thing for an entire newscast and this is how it ended there. Who is wonderful to be here really what's. He -- yeah see what people men. Coming and thank you. I was demise was -- needs -- very very. Now well I am -- Larry so -- didn't crack a smile across entire -- apparently she kept saying I'm Bernard and it's really hard not to laugh. But they tried really hard not to -- they tried to make this surreal deal and he is reading real news. Say what they like just doing a little -- but like -- -- -- -- -- it really was got myself won't know what to do so hard to know what's you know yeah. One of the biggest mistakes is trying to be funny and in the Canadian ice tonight -- sort of get like tons. All right wrapping up our skinny Sharon Osborne talking about the weirdest and strangest plastic surgery she's ever had listen to this. The worst -- -- -- most painting teacher hating my vagina tying the game. Well. Yeah she said that I didn't say that she said that but apparently she has said it was her remote. Painful surgery she says it was quote excruciating. Not until after about a way service. Graham Norton show British TV host -- so no I don't even know they had to the saves you have a million no thank you.

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{"id":21067060,"title":"Celebrities React to Paul Walker's Death","duration":"4:04","description":"Actors including Seth Green, Olivia Wilde and Vin Diesel tweet about their shock and sadness.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrities-react-paul-walkers-death-21067060","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}