New charges in Capitol riot

Prosecutors say one suspect wanted to trap lawmakers and gas them. ABC’s Elizabeth Schulze has the new details.
2:07 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for New charges in Capitol riot
This morning authorities knew charging people with organizing the finally comprising the capital to smile and. The FBI describes Thomas Caldwell is the commander of the oath keepers. A militia whose members believe the government has been overtaken by shadow conspiracies. Investigators say this video as evidence showing her face they are both keepers and half minutes walking through a crowd toward the capital. Prosecutors say Caldwell received a FaceBook message during the attack telling him to trap members of congress and the tunnel below the capital. And turn on that gas. And five days before the attacks Caldwell allegedly message someone recommending a room at a Virginia hotel saying this is a good location that would allow us to hunt at night if we wanted to Caldwell into other suspected oath keepers are charged with conspiring against the United States and now new details about a member of the US army reserves. Accused of participating in the riots overnight a judge ordered Timothy Cahill Coosa Nellie to remain in custody. After the Justice Department said his release would pose a potentially catastrophic risk of danger to the community investigators also revealing new evidence against him finally Williams the woman accused of helping to steal a laptop from speaker Nancy Pelosi is office. With the intention of selling it to Russia. The FBI citing this video which Stacy was taken by Williams showing a laptop being stolen. Williams could now face two decades in prison if convicted and after 25000. National Guardsmen have been deployed to Washington more concern about threats from within the ranks at least a dozen Guardsmen have now been removed from inauguration security. Two of them after vetting for extremist ties and suspicious comments. Any reason. That somebody's name has brought to the attention to command they're being removed from the line we'll ask questions later. And thirties are also worried about that day's ash had ABC news has learned up to 6000. National Guard troops. Could remain here in Washington for another month.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Prosecutors say one suspect wanted to trap lawmakers and gas them. ABC’s Elizabeth Schulze has the new details. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75365677","title":"New charges in Capitol riot","url":"/WNN/video/charges-capitol-riot-75365677"}