College Band Strikes Up a Surprise Marriage Proposal

Ryan Giarrusso proposed to his girlfriend while disguised in a Syracuse University band uniform.
2:54 | 10/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for College Band Strikes Up a Surprise Marriage Proposal
Relevant to the it's everybody restarted heartwarming piece -- video the sounds -- we always show these proposals but this is pretty -- -- this happened right before Syracuse University football game. You're gonna see what eventually becomes the bride she has no idea what's happening -- just take a look at video. This her name is Katie back into -- federal. That it DC -- -- -- -- -- decisions trying to play then don't know what the band split there's her fiance. Who's not a member of the -- not. And he just dressed as a member of the -- he had trouble then she didn't recognize him thought it was just another guy -- he gets on one me. Popped the question she starts crying she says yeah. You say will -- -- dad can't be known as the camera I'm. If -- after the cameras somehow linked but -- they -- -- by the way she's 27 he's 29. And so well at age and I didn't -- -- -- the age of a college student there you have it. We are ranked college students from eight but that's okay except perhaps I'm look at it from -- -- asked what it but it. -- -- Home and protect. Also like this is cool video to there was a wedding -- -- have been great traditions -- -- the father daughter dance though it has a brother provisions went. You know the -- doesn't holding -- -- beautiful day that's all different how to win. But that they have the woman has the daughter did you do that -- whether you. -- know about how can tell anyways -- this in the video this guy goes under there are you picking him try to get the daughter almost hear the little surprise when there's a big -- and Alco pop. I -- her car basically trying to smear and often seen this we had moved. Clearly she's seen music restaurants and -- -- -- -- She -- sorry -- -- downs and so -- I would hope. -- they had any. Lovely sober life together from this day forward. The F that's clearly -- is that they have to absolutely -- used to visit. A person had to bear the surveillance camera going and they actually caught a Postal Service worker doing that way easiest thing in the -- -- -- take a look at the the car. The street she -- all these people law. I don't just take awhile but there she is so she gets out actually she's a she's about to open the door and check to -- If he gets out taste a little wild fish and she gets out of her home on the senate for a time now their kids he had and -- given on the airlines think humanities and give going to the -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- Reject out of gone too far promised -- Martin creek.

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{"id":20492638,"title":"College Band Strikes Up a Surprise Marriage Proposal","duration":"2:54","description":"Ryan Giarrusso proposed to his girlfriend while disguised in a Syracuse University band uniform.","url":"/WNN/video/college-band-marriage-proposal-20492638","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}