New Condom Commercial Highlights Soccer 'Flopping'

Condom spot tells people not to fake.
2:57 | 06/19/14

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Transcript for New Condom Commercial Highlights Soccer 'Flopping'
Welcome back -- time for the next you know at night I sometimes pray please god let me return my next life. As a World Cup soccer -- I mean they're like the coolest do -- right front and I -- pads on like Football World Cup had an incredible you won't believe. Sort of taking banana -- she's lull in the old Larry incredible. Look at them they're just really -- you've got to watch -- added. Aren't -- baking it. He doesn't have a reputation for being over the top when they don't get it in the goal. -- -- -- This is actually a direct condom commercial and they're taking advantage of the soccer stereotypes brings awareness to a bigger problem -- -- -- And people having sex the major -- and well. -- hands thank you don't think -- -- don't -- -- -- answer soccer players actors and then to not maybe we could take him like on the set when we're doing. -- And we'll stay tuned -- might be some taking coming -- but later in the show are moving on to -- with this -- guitar. The plant some. Might call. -- -- come from Ross's arm and then gradually got enough to. The backing -- to myself this device in his remarks about he certainly does that sounds great. Now -- -- on your next story. I'm so there's a dog -- Who couldn't -- and people sort of don't tend to adopt dogs that have health problems we couldn't see and then suddenly he's able to restore his sight take a look at this video. In London -- he's -- -- -- for the first time he's lucky tonight night. But due to complications from diabetes he had a surgery he's able to know that this is his family by sex. Look at that I didn't want to -- -- -- -- protector he -- up against yeah. Do you. So he's just -- -- enjoyable and and this time he actually had her mind's -- -- All right now finally today in the next we've got some -- Don't let. Blogger and England is telling us how the most scientific way to cut McCain -- He says actions hasn't been way to maximize your gastronomic pleasure look at the -- Saddam metal arcade. He has already been met -- Devoured a little bit here releases coming down the middle first and pushing it together allowing you to keep the insides and waste so I just want a slice into a bit of luck -- -- tried we begin shipping contractor -- he's honorable man and fight it out. Puts the rubber band around. Okay give -- will go ahead -- like the -- lets see you may get Canadian. Quickly and we should expect -- quickly from kind of -- when he's been having over Internet without asking readers what.

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{"id":24206897,"title":"New Condom Commercial Highlights Soccer 'Flopping'","duration":"2:57","description":"Condom spot tells people not to fake.","url":"/WNN/video/condom-commercial-highlights-soccer-flopping-24206897","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}