Coronavirus hitting young people

Public health expert Dr. Alok Patel speaks with ABC News' Kenneth Moton about how the virus may present a bigger threat to younger people than previously thought.
2:55 | 03/19/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus hitting young people
Doctor for tell so much focus has been on the vulnerable older population but. We have new information about the risks to children when it comes to the corona virus. Your exact you're right we really been focusing on the older population. But new studies coming out of China ran out new you numbers due October 2000. Suspected cases this carreras in kids and found that. Yeah well about 39%. Kids had mild to moderate symptoms 6%. Had severe illness I mean that's that's a pretty important number. Is that something different out of each Hannity are your are Jewish and lately. It is 40%. With a mild to moderate senators who still absolutely overwhelm our ultra system not to mention this to be really the issue and Jews who are other diseases. What's your people here in the US know about. What they need to do to protect their young children. When it comes to protect here young children were to do everything we argued out. Including all the basic hygiene ended the social distancing which is what shredded. You know I think a lot of people are starting to realize that you can have mild moderate or no symptoms. And still be walking around its readiness trying to virus other people so. It's all important for young kids are now preparing city really stressed not. Top US health officials are now. Looking at data coming out of Europe showing younger adults can also get extremely sick from the corona virus. The CDC here at home sent out of the 508 novel krona bars patients and hospital 20%. Of them are ages twenty to 44. Which is kind of alarm. And you know fortunately it would video out of here and here we're still seeing and that the most severe case and brutality are still older group. But that's not to say that younger people are not risk you know in the same mortality report from the CDC. And I happened there are people who wound in the icu. Were below the age of sixty your big numbers. And so not only can this lead to a gender really utilizing our culture resources. And capacity. But also we're seeing reports at people who recover from this illness can still have long lasting long well. We're really serious fires hit people and really different ways you can have. A twenty year old won twenty year old who literally can not barely breathe needs to be possibly on a ventilator. That you can have another person who showing mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Are absolutely seeing that this virus getting people and completely different ways this summer this tacit deal wit then heading a preexisting condition. Or is her tacit deal with factors we don't really know anyone really surprised and you know. Was that the NBA player Donovan Mitchell who test positive burner r.s 23 years old. He said this here is staying with that he had no symptoms. And that if he wasn't tested Hewitt a bit costly walking around unknowingly spreading the virus. So I think that mere fact that T want different races so all the extra vigilant.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Public health expert Dr. Alok Patel speaks with ABC News' Kenneth Moton about how the virus may present a bigger threat to younger people than previously thought.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69683822","title":"Coronavirus hitting young people","url":"/WNN/video/coronavirus-hitting-young-people-69683822"}