1 Week Away Until Spring

Winter doesn't give up as a highway pileup turns deadly and blizzard-like conditions affect the East.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for 1 Week Away Until Spring
Full screen starts in exactly one week but it sure doesn't look or feel like it in half the country from. From fatal highway pile ups in the midwest blizzard like conditions in the east winter refusing to give and ABC's Larry Jacobs has more. A deadly scene of a blinding snow and ice on the Ohio turnpike at least three people were killed -- a fifty car pileup near Toledo. The -- stretch for miles. The intense storm even court -- and Chicago commuters by surprise on this third snowy is winter on record there hired. Ready -- -- BL which knows this heavy trees fell on homes and Indiana knocking out power for tens of thousands of customers from Illinois to Michigan. Just days ago this part of the country -- a taste of early spring. -- -- -- -- I've data show there's no SATA drive in this and as the storm blows east to -- blizzard like conditions in the eastern Great Lakes and buffalo area. Travelers are told to stay off the roads or schools shut down from Illinois to New England. With powerful winds and snow expected in Maine grocery stores were busy working -- and -- -- guns. In the west winds are gusting across much of California firefighters west to Los Angeles are preparing for the worst. This let's not -- that's come out weakened -- -- staffing and areas that are from -- fired. From windy bone dry conditions in the -- -- wet and wild blizzard an east wind there appears to be hanging on to the bitter end. Larry Jacobs ABC news New York. And that's not all in the eastern third of the country people love waking up to January like wind chills and temperatures below zero wind chills our coverage continues with AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Dickie good morning -- Good morning John and -- -- he can split the country in half here everything from the planes off to the west. A quiet day expected they see clear skies across much of the region right now from the -- all the way to the West Coast in east different story power for area of low pressure powerful winter storm. He's moving through we're seeing wind driven -- parties -- numerous power outages with these from the -- And heavy thunderstorms across the mid Atlantic. The snow though coming to -- -- area of low pressure is moving out into Canada according onto the morning hours across main portions of Vermont and New Hampshire. He continues to -- -- An Arctic air mass of brutally cold MS many spots twenty to forty degrees colder here today there were on Tuesday -- -- expected actually the real feel temperatures to the morning hours many spots. Feel like it's down below zero. -- -- -- Back to you.

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{"id":22893121,"title":"1 Week Away Until Spring","duration":"3:00","description":"Winter doesn't give up as a highway pileup turns deadly and blizzard-like conditions affect the East.","url":"/WNN/video/countdown-to-spring-one-week-away-winter-weather-22893121","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}