Country star's son dies

Granger Smith revealed his 3-year-old son died after drowning in a pool at his Texas home.
2:05 | 06/07/19

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Transcript for Country star's son dies
Next to the country music world in shock singer grange of Smith has announced. The death of his youngest child after a tragic accident Smith and his wife turned to social media to deliver what he called unthinkable news. Instead. Know. This morning tragedy for a country music star and his family Granger Smith announcing the sudden death of his three year old son ripper. After he drowned at their family home in Texas. Smith and his wife revealed river passed away following a tragic accident. And despite doctors' best efforts he was unable to be revived. Adding did joy river brought to their lives cannot be expressed in his late will be for ever and our hearts. The singer's best known for his hit back road song the father of three even featured his children in this music videos. River seen here in happens like that falling into his father's arms the age. The tragedy comes nearly one year after the daughter of Olympic skier Bode Miller also drought it's not such a bright light and she wire as. Determines. Overnight booties wife shared a picture of river on answer Graham writing my heart. Rakes another baby gone too soon the Bailey has become vocal advocates for preventing drownings posting this video. Of their eight month old son learning how to float she Pratt so much. Or our lives. And now she's helping a spring so much stereo and alpha five's. According to the CDC drowning is tied as the leading cause of death for children aged one to four. The agency says swim lessons can reduce a child's risk of drowning by 88%. That's statistic for parents it can reduce the chance of drying by 88%. Experts say all caregivers. Should be certified in CPR if a child is missing the first place you should look is in the bathtub or the pool. Because every second counts.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Granger Smith revealed his 3-year-old son died after drowning in a pool at his Texas home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63544900","title":"Country star's son dies","url":"/WNN/video/country-stars-son-dies-63544900"}