Creepy Prank Goes Wrong

A magician does an illusion where he cuts himself in half.
2:55 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Creepy Prank Goes Wrong
All right the next you know those set -- you've got themselves in two innings and holding their legs. Yes -- probably seen it a magic show and -- you -- -- lab giving it's kind of cool whatever. When you see it on the street and not expecting it gets an interest in reaction I'll now take out this video to viral video division Eddie gross. I'll take -- miss out on the street to see how it -- Brussels that. Doesn't go wild -- Williams look at -- my favorite. She truly terrified. All that nothing comes easy and what do you read into what meaning -- -- What are the women. Frank says that is so I'm not cool I don't know how he -- -- We've had a -- -- she didn't turn out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you're not expecting -- that's scary stuff and music was anyway rose does not give away the secret behind the illusion so they go -- your guess. By the way that was the cars screeching to an apartment packed enough negative. Their hope that -- -- yeah. Hold on you're out. Let this other royal stadium court game -- -- beautiful everybody loved babies and everybody sending their congratulations including. -- in this media has not been there in London filming for their new movie and so they decided to send. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It makes you want to suddenly don't have those. No -- really don't come wrong. -- don't have feet congratulations William and Catherine -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cars parents sets the record straight. Miss Piggy as usual and her diva farm lets everybody know that she's not happy with her battle covered just not -- governor -- -- Yeah what -- -- the -- the Muppets and things off the parent company of exit. Fortune cookies -- -- he cracked them open to -- it lottery numbers on the back to give your little fortune. What got from Massachusetts is name's William Johnson that that -- the other night with his wife -- without a fortune -- of the message that -- -- -- -- to a lot of -- He was inspired excited to play the lottery he bought a scratch off waited a week even scratch it off turns out following the fortune cookie he became million dollars. He will he won the next guy they get a good argument wanna try -- it's. -- and yeah. Galloway is area's history OK moving on to this is on -- from that website -- -- once again a series of photos. Showing what happens when you're trying to make up most perfect moment. We you and your girlfriend and things just aren't working out okay this is a guy is proposing to govern at Disney World but he's photo bombed over and over again first the -- -- -- in the -- -- sorry second. That way right in front of the otherwise. -- they have -- Are officially engaged re married she said yes and it's a beautiful moment.

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{"id":19756243,"title":"Creepy Prank Goes Wrong","duration":"2:55","description":"A magician does an illusion where he cuts himself in half.","url":"/WNN/video/creepy-prank-wrong-19756243","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}