Cyber Monday: How Amazon Fills Millions of Customer Orders

ABC's Tina Trinh visits a pick station at one of Amazon's fulfillment centers.
2:46 | 11/30/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cyber Monday: How Amazon Fills Millions of Customer Orders
Well for those idiot and didn't participate in that contact sport. Shut up being well today's your day the and it's right of course it's Cyber Monday where retailers were allowed all the best online deals. So let's set out to the leading online retailer And are expect contributor teeter Trent Lott at one of their fulfillment centers hopefully. There are a lot of orders are being fulfilled at this hour Tina. Yeah and it it. I'm here so let's not hand wearing a hat and he's telling him not he think it's. It's really complex that very simple. Once a customer work the product. He comes up ourselves one of our robots played 320000. Kerry 750 pound brings it up here to the station. One over those kids can make it often dealt. You wouldn't want any band and it. Taken journey through mild mild and they have to get out the door. But. Behind the scenes look at it goes right here. And just get a look pat. Powell. This quarter work at me eat eat eat very yeah the weather computer tells him right back great and we can't hear me. Here is telling him what Dell is located on and you make your view. Camera. Taken on the. It's amazing like this year. Complexity of all of this in the volume that you guys in this process re yeah. And our busiest day of the year. Last year on this date has worked at werder an amazing 500. Items per second we have over forty million items in this building and today we'll be our busiest day ever for this bill. All right guys they're worried that they get it right now that he's still have when he signed a lot guarding Gordon Deal. Darren shouting hey Tim what have you on this kind of Alaska's living in order coming in and and getting out the door. It's time Scott went in order getting anything going out doing here before you can. Well David Griffith. And that the robotics. Is really helped it speed up that process. On them now let's take a look groping at ease her about it. There went over about it so little of that. The facility there so 500 orders for second Tina that's absolutely amazing our thanks routine veterinary New Jersey and Scott. Thanks so.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh visits a pick station at one of Amazon's fulfillment centers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35493507","title":"Cyber Monday: How Amazon Fills Millions of Customer Orders","url":"/WNN/video/cyber-monday-amazon-fills-millions-customer-orders-35493507"}