Daily Earth Photographs

NASA launches website that will show pictures of different parts of the earth every day.
2:52 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for Daily Earth Photographs
OK now it's time for the next so NASA has a new operation I guess you could call it operation or mission. They're gonna start posting on their web site. Every day photos of the earth from up at a million miles away from the spacecraft that Marty started doing that let's bring it is not a credible look at the blue marble photos of earth. And they you can tell sorts of images each day the daily sequence of how earth. They're seen as it rotates it'll show the whole global over pretty much the course of the decade it's sort of like a throwback to the that the one that's well known blue marble photos from the seventies yes and they're not easy obviously the capture and NASA thinks that this they're hoping you'll give us new insights kind of into these daily snaps of of how the earth looks and that's what's so dealing. Total zen yeah from NASDAQ is that will be taken every twelve to 36 hours. There's OK. Well this itself something from us with some of that that was pretty creative this graphic designer and Switzerland he rigged his fight. To have this image of an elephant strolling take a look at that you can see this how this was put together uses a speedometer a projector. Particular and it iPad Khamenei read the shadow. Wow that's impressive and strapped it to his back and then just rides his bike and people think it's big elephant headed epic coming down the road tilt. An and adults entertained for hours oh my god it mostly males shadow puppet you're right that it's really had a very ghost. That this is due in Switzerland. Speaking of keeping young children detained four year old wanted to birthday party. We think it. And that alsop frozen dean door Marshall Star Wars CBS. What type in the drugstore she was very upset the CBS guess she says it's kinda like her habit because. It's full of Troy raisin chocolate milk and snacks to she asked her mother but it kills two of Atlanta that part of the soft. He asked her mother if she could do CBS themed party and that's what her momma did. They did it as CBS theme park yet to see right there for iris is mixed you think this is down in Arkansas and the mothers also blogger and she kind of post of these photos and. Looks pretty impressive string cheater we are. A little weird little Q okay it's a youngster so you'll let them lose they would absolutely. This is just really cheer this video that I found on YouTube. We found on YouTube you have this. Entire tank full of hamsters but yet there's got to be just that one guy it. There's got to be a show off retailers at a point camps and it hits the real one who's just like. Dropped down again he's alive he's just you know doing his dance moves back. That's a little weird things became would. UK everything. That's good news for this.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"NASA launches website that will show pictures of different parts of the earth every day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34591698","title":"Daily Earth Photographs","url":"/WNN/video/daily-earth-photographs-34591698"}