Former Dallas cop found guilty

A jury has found Amber Guyger guilty of murder for shooting and killing a man in his apartment after she claims she thought she had entered her own residence. She now awaits sentencing.
3:20 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for Former Dallas cop found guilty
Good Wednesday morning everyone thank you we'll join you now as we begin with new evidence against the former Dallas police officer. Was now convicted killer jury has found amber Geiger guilty of murdering her neighbor. Geiger entered its claim she entered the wrong apartment by accident and shot vault them John thinking he was an intruder now as jurors consider Geiger is punishment prosecutors have revealed what they say are racist and violent text messages. Including one where Geiger jokes about the death. A Martin Luther King Jr. And Harding University overnight anything. A remember it's for both from John. He was well known and his alma mater years after its graduation. Do you came through this school and left an impression on the hearts of everybody here. Former Dallas police officer amber Geiger shot and killed John in his own apartment in September 2018. On Tuesday a jury found her guilty of murder the router trial Geiger assists as she walked into John's apartment by mistake speaking it was her home. In believing he was an intruder and opening fire. It took the jury less than five hours to reach a verdict. This role in when now say that you are safe. To being your palms and people can no long legacy app made a mistake and Tokyo life. The jury made up of men and women of different ethnicities have the torch of murder manslaughter or acquittal. Just keep. It and keep me throughout the trial prosecutors try to point out contradictions in congress behavior. Beginning with why she went into the apartment despite hearing nor is inside. You could call from our literary. He's going to. Swapped. Boatloads. Any one of citizens. Yeah. Probably. He's a defense attorney Brian Burke Meyer says that was a telling moment when we look out the verdict that was given. Murder not manslaughter it's obvious that the jury here believe that an opening the door pushing forward in knowing that there were sounds so fast. That her actions inside that home were intentional. And not reckless. Therefore I was looked on police body camera several officers immediately started CPR to try and seek job. Something prosecutors say Geiger failed to do in each car wash your arms yeah. I didn't and now as the sentencing phase of the trial begins prosecutors have been given permission to show jurors racially charged text messages linked to Geiger. One exchange came during the city's Martin Luther King Jr. parade so when Tex Geiger when does this end LO well she replied went MOK is dead. Oh wait. In another exchange two days before the shooting so when Tex Geiger asking if she wanted a dog. Do you know what you need the German shepherd I happen to have one for you although she may be racist Geiger replied it's okay. I'm the same prosecutors also assured jurors three pros from pay interest. One image saved by Geiger shows the military sniper with over late tax that reads stay low go fast dual first die last one shot. One killed no lock. All skilled. Tigers' defense team is expected to call witnesses asked the sentencing hearing resumes today she could face anywhere from five to 99 years and present.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"A jury has found Amber Guyger guilty of murder for shooting and killing a man in his apartment after she claims she thought she had entered her own residence. She now awaits sentencing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66000059","title":"Former Dallas cop found guilty","url":"/WNN/video/dallas-cop-found-guilty-66000059"}