Dancing with the Stars Week 8 Recap

Star contestants team up to create dynamic duos and provocative performances.
4:10 | 05/10/16

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Transcript for Dancing with the Stars Week 8 Recap
Well yes it is a Tuesday spinning that means of course we start with. Dancing With The Stars it is judges team up challenge night and team Brno feature that shows first ever same sex dancing couples. Jodie sweeten danced with had a merger groin and denials of Marco with humans happy. As it turned out chamber another team Goodman and teen Carey and all scored 29 from. OK so then the standout moment of the night. Was Niles paso doble. Which included that. Silence dramatic silence during which your music was turned off. But in essence what he hears during his normally. Still don't understand how. It was just such a tough moment they really was he got. Near perfect scores where nine out of thirty. Now our own ginger Xena however continued to dominate she earned her second perfect score for her Argentine tango. People as well and paid transact and Mark Ballas as well as Antonio Brown. Co starring his ads and started for letters performs stunning waltzes there but neither performance was enough to put them at the top of the leader. Board and finally Fuller how starred Jodie sweeten and Kim attempt they earned their first perfect score of this season. But let's don't. And then expect that. Then. She got the where. It was not enough to keep her in because the voting was based on performance. From last week's show. Which is not good enough to keep her in the right. That you get a perfect ten and then get to go home yeah but she said and I pledge sheets of what more could ask for than to go out and out and I'm glad I did it. That's Connecticut mother and the audience get an accurate that I like the Cooper and she said that she starts shooting today on payday and so polar routes convene it worked out conveniently I think are now only five couples remaining. Getting down there the next nations to catch a falling star. It's now becoming a sort of thing would Jennifer Lawrence taking tumbles on the red carpet this time it happened in the UK at London's X-Men apocalypse. Global fans screaming last night. Jay lot try to avoid the rain her other infamous balls included last November in Madrid. And at two separate Oscar ceremonies and scores. The most famous being heard trip up the stairs in 2013 to collect her best actress award for silver lining split. And Jay love might be borrowing a page from pal Amy issuers Clayburgh here Schumer shamelessly took a tumble right in front at kidney day. I have it's time 100 gala red carpet last night and could receive pages stickers you gotta be funny. They thought it was ready to issue an earlier mission accomplished so it say. Jennifer Lawrence at another she plays these things. You know she's just even of the Oscars human of course I felt I just love cut you didn't even believe this. Found that somebody did some did you hear anything here for next we have some good tidings were another pair of celebrity couples we just recently announced they were expecting well. But now Ryan Gosling and and a Mendez apparently just pulled off the big baby cover up in Hollywood history. Announcing they had their baby two weeks ago. A minor league Gosling was reportedly born April 29 at 803 AM in Santa Monica joining big sister twenty month old as riled a motto. And I think if this grandmother's things. Which means a lot of beloved mother and a name congratulations that's brie Larson who's now engaged to musician Alex Greenwald. They've been dating for two years and are now making it official congratulations all that's congratulations. And finally pink is keeping it all in the fifth her latest video just like fire features her husband. Corey Hart and their four year old daughter willow sage thank. Play us out.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Star contestants team up to create dynamic duos and provocative performances.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39002141","title":"Dancing with the Stars Week 8 Recap","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-week-recap-39002141"}