Decision day in New Hampshire

Voting started at midnight in several tiny towns. ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports.
2:45 | 02/11/20

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Transcript for Decision day in New Hampshire
We do begin with the first primary and the point one if presidential race officially under way this morning. Get a voting began parts of New Hampshire overnight and already we have two big surprises one for senator Amy Klobuchar. And one big surprise for former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg was not even on the ballot. The candidates made their final arguments lost my crisscrossing the state with polls showing senator Bernie Sanders in the lead. For nearly half of voters said there's still open to changing their mind. And there was this is our moment on the campaign trail last night Joseph Biden's wife Jill helped escort a heckler out of a rally ABC's firmer on discovering all of it he's in Manchester. Trevor good morning. Good morning guys yet there's so much at stake at the top and bottom of the valley here in New Hampshire some of these candidates hoping to get the first official winner the race while others are hoping to just hang on long enough to fight another day. The first votes have been cast in New Hampshire and already some surprises. Senator Amy Klobuchar leading after three tiny townships. And Dick still not former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg once herbal Democrats and Republicans even though he's not even on the ballot. Also overnight Bernie Sanders holding the rock concert rally the Vermont senator won New Hampshire handily in what he sixteen and it could be a repeat victory today. We were Nia tomorrow Arctic we're gonna path to victory for the democratic. Nomination Sanders finds himself atop the race in New Hampshire and according to a new quinnipiac poll across the entire country but mayor Pete booty G edge with rising numbers of his own. Trying to position himself as. As the sensible alternative. And there is a whole. He and senator sanders' plan. Financially that's bigger than the entire size of the United States economy. I think it's an example of the kind of politics that frustrates people big promises and Ottawa behind. Outside that top tier of twos some candidates fighting falling numbers. Senator Elizabeth Warren is been crisscrossing the state. As has former vice president Joseph Biden though he's trying to look past New Hampshire stick with me 24 more hours are probably shoot. Worded do just fine some of their momentum has shifted to Amy Klobuchar as you've probably heard we're out of date of this surged. Now a reminder New Hampshire is a much more typical secret ballot primary it's a lot easier to administer that the Iowa Caucuses officials here are banking on a lot cleaner results. We could have the first declared state winner in the twenty when he race. Tonight Kenneth Kimberly. All right Trevor their live in Manchester, New Hampshire thank you ABC news will bring you live results from New Hampshire beginning at 8 PM eastern. Are streaming channel ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Voting started at midnight in several tiny towns. ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68904822","title":"Decision day in New Hampshire","url":"/WNN/video/decision-day-hampshire-68904822"}