Demi Moore Goes 'Cougar' Again

The 50-year-old actress is reportedly dating a 26-year-old man.
3:42 | 11/29/12

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Transcript for Demi Moore Goes 'Cougar' Again
-- -- -- The most interesting last names on the planet -- anymore happens to be dating a 26 -- -- good grades and she's fifty. He's 2630. His name is it a veto schnabel schnabel schnabel name sounds. Familiar -- that beat out. But that effect but. Well I didn't data's Julian Schnabel -- -- the Oscar nominated director for the diving bell and the butterfly -- hello PLO accession -- She Natalie shovel family. But apparently they met according. See page six they'd met back in November and India pet ever -- Rene -- Naomi Campbell's billionaire boyfriend and they are all over each other but they've been secretly dating according to. Page six for a couple of months he's an art dealer but. He loves he loves the cougar he's been linked to Liv Tyler his 35 and Elle MacPherson has a good 23 years older -- him as well okay. -- -- has good -- you know I liked and well he likes them older but -- -- -- -- for that will go look hopefully you know Kelly tonight's rebound shot probably doesn't discriminate know we need to go. -- -- -- She novel he -- would you do maybe. -- more American Idol drama -- we had first in the Mariah Carey and Aikman now dispute. Did it was a few which we -- keeping -- -- and Stephen Tyler Tamara Smith because apparently he tweeted out something like these young kids don't know what they're doing on the show they wouldn't have -- -- years ago -- -- Bob Dylan off the show than he may not tweet something -- initially calls Tyler a racist. And it felt offended by what -- -- incidents Stevens just gave this interview where he kind of defended himself and apologizes take -- listen. I apologize for it was taken wrong -- But I'm the farthest from -- -- she's here was. The racist. I'm the last thing on this planet. The as far as being a racist I was just saying that if if Bob Dylan came on the show evidence thrown off. You know. Somebody -- focus turns -- racist I'm not -- Not a race -- Atlantic these issues -- really scared -- -- stimulus helped to. Also and Kim Kardashian back in the news because apparently she's not divorced just -- -- divorce attorney kind of went before the judge yesterday said basically she's still handcuffed to work soon to be ex husband Chris Humphries. And basically. -- -- the trial -- from the start sometime in the few months here but. Humphries wants an annulment because he says the marriage was a fraud and he's seeking to collect documents from the companies that handle Kim's reality shows. Kit -- signature additional board traditional divorce had just -- look I want this thing to be done. And over with as quickly as possible so we still wrapped up in -- are still together apparently the -- Kim's mom Chris and her current boyfriend Kanye West had been. Deposed in the case -- already legally Messi still not divorce. For my. -- -- -- -- -- until she's. Still legally with her old husband you have to wait outstanding outstanding I'm yanked out of are already so. No matter what Weight Watchers thinks others Jessica -- and that lucrative million dollar deal to take the weight she looks like she shed sixty pounds of -- who just revealed yesterday she's pregnant again the temperature you look. Yeah a little baby -- Maxwell's only seven months old but yet she has confirmed to us weekly she's pregnant she -- it wasn't planned. But she is really over enjoy eating you -- Find out all about the next cover of us weekly or probably in the morning on Good Morning America the very. In his or her last pregnancy and then he's who scored twice seventies yet -- -- get a feel like at ten Lexus.

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{"id":17835728,"title":"Demi Moore Goes 'Cougar' Again","duration":"3:42","description":"The 50-year-old actress is reportedly dating a 26-year-old man.","url":"/WNN/video/demi-moore-cougar-17835728","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}