Diver Films Close Encounter With a Shark

Man in Florida jabbed at great white shark with his spear gun to chase it away.
2:56 | 05/19/14

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Transcript for Diver Films Close Encounter With a Shark
-- -- into the mix everyone who want to show you some pretty incredible video this is scuba diver who without just kind of -- swimming around checking out the scene when all of the that it. A shark the -- yeah. Posters of problems out -- kept coming back that's -- rose didn't. With the cameras there heat really is lucky to be alive that's a great white shark -- out there. He died about ninety feet off the Florida coast and he noted that this great white was there and then -- thinking I think that -- -- -- the point. That's -- little -- and there he had to I feared another he had -- rotting wooden spear guns didn't shoot days you can really hurt it. In order to get it to stop coming around twelve feet long he even came so close as to smack the -- air tank. Potentially down. He went on his merry way and Jimmy I think that assurance that out as fast because I didn't -- jerk yet that the whole grain laying thinning hair supplies yeah. Dead -- -- check out this woman in Minnesota first grade teacher Peggy Bennett. His next thing I get help inspire kids first grade class to read coverings and her dog Shiloh. To -- shepherd rather than a dog's name is Coulter. She's taught cult are essentially how to reach she's got -- -- she -- like to see it and stay on cards and he's learned how to recognize the words of baby bottles off the car and -- -- listening if you consider. -- -- -- -- -- She said that she train and he got only two days before our own verbal commands your morning started recognizing the streets of the latter. The stolen car heavy lift itself and had her -- -- got a first grader. Right now I'm reading my dog was that they have might never read again I don't know that I'd be very tough ingredient that was dog ravaged about my hands -- Asia -- The real flexibility -- I don't wanna go get a director great battered any raising it never again the north organ work -- -- Okay now to this picture of the ages but just an adorable -- -- -- this happened. During the fourth inning of the blue jays Rangers game on Saturday you're gonna see what happened here so there's the play and the Toronto's third base coach Lewis Rivera. Catches the ball and president of the -- boy he grabbed the take a look. And -- -- -- -- happens pretty quickly there there's -- -- he -- all the love putting his other hand there's another mall. Waiting -- to the pretty girl back -- and friends are now used AEA. The lady -- And escalating the black notices what he -- and they admitted he's got the ball but it seems like the early trying to impress does not noticeably -- to -- -- her reaction. She is loving every minute and peck on the cheek and of that one vote. -- very. Market that's at.

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{"id":23773687,"title":"Diver Films Close Encounter With a Shark ","duration":"2:56","description":"Man in Florida jabbed at great white shark with his spear gun to chase it away. ","url":"/WNN/video/diver-films-close-encounter-shark-23773687","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}