Dog adopts litter of kittens

After losing her own pups, a rescue dog in Arizona is raising three kittens as her own. ABC's Will Ganss introduces us to the unlikely furry family.
2:08 | 08/28/20

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Transcript for Dog adopts litter of kittens
This is George up proud canine mama to three adorable. Cuddly and impossibly cute kittens. Just to Montego George's life looked pretty different. She Shepard mix was abandoned pregnant. And living in a gas station bathroom near the border in Arizona Anita o.s that took her and had sunshine dog rescue. And when the dog lost her later due to pregnancy complications. A needed knew she needed to do something out. She was depressed. And frantic. I've not. Ever experienced his keyboard so she asked for help on social media and I think FBI guy like. Kind of bombarded with the amount of people who had it needed a mom as well I can't take at all I'll take a few and we'll hope for the best what happened next better than what anyone could hope for. But she EU he just took two guns anti nurse honor. She cleaned yeah. And she protect and the real the other close to three weeks old now and so they're starting to play eight and she plays with them any Asia's. US. I think thanks to sunshine dog rescue Georgia gets a second chance at life and so did these three orphaned kittens who like their mama are sticking with G names. Graffiti or gum ball and Guber. Silly names may be but the beautiful blended family teaching a real lesson to all of us this morning. What is it about this story day EP I mean you know reporters in New York now reaching out here. And just be nice to each other and we have a lot of turmoil and so it's very refreshing and I had a lot of comments like when Nikki braid and he didn't you like a dog and cats and current camera would be greatly. Would be great if deed the best part of the story all four furry members of the family. Are going to be adopted a man there in Phoenix has decided that he will adopt Georgia and his roommate. Is going to adopt one of the kittens so they can play together he does play dates going every single day guys. Well well that's there has to worry I'm glad we finally ended this week on. Uh huh posited a note.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"After losing her own pups, a rescue dog in Arizona is raising three kittens as her own. ABC's Will Ganss introduces us to the unlikely furry family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72676489","title":"Dog adopts litter of kittens","url":"/WNN/video/dog-adopts-litter-kittens-72676489"}