Driverless Car Gets a Rave Review

A reviewer was impressed by Google's driverless car's ability to handle traffic.
2:56 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for Driverless Car Gets a Rave Review
-- in the mix the future times. Right department -- check this out boy this is -- driver of this car and this is your -- Detroit -- news writer Henry -- Took a ride in the school. Driver was prototype with some of the Google people. And he said might bring about driving crowded streets -- without a hitch how he met and negotiated stoplights. Strange city buses crosswalk Stephen. I instead it was merely quite amazing accelerates brakes -- Weakly plotted its own using radar -- Plus the excuse -- think you can believe this that's incredible awe it's so amazing amazing feat he does -- it and my notebook computer code and a laser Dalton how it's all very high tech I could tell you what folks is going to be the future and the -- that you can text all the way to work and. Then have to do anything that you really got me what is what what does that -- gonna look like -- -- -- -- how to drive no we're not gonna know what I contacted anymore excellence texting. -- -- -- Forget about the -- let's go let's go right to teller teleport stations and just as -- muscles to -- why you. Learn more from bother with the house -- objected that everybody hates potholes you see him driving on the road very -- hopefully your future -- will never have to deal bottle I'd -- -- -- -- -- Accompanied -- Scranton called pop up studio has three imagine the -- and they started a competition on FaceBook where they're asking people to think. Different things that potholes can me so this is one of them all all the money -- I didn't like write some Internet into a cooler do is figure -- -- there and if you're driving along instead of a bottle you can pull over and -- gravity are suddenly like the mob action just driving have you gathered to. -- -- What the next on the next sound we have Barbie and Ken that the Lake Powell from glove though they haven't you look -- holding a beach ball. And of course -- what happens in my personal favorite -- need is that beer that was in the other -- here's some popcorn so. Can mean many things if you are -- in Scranton and you want to participate you have to do is. Go to Twitter or FaceBook and attach the hash tag pothole to this he can be part of the competition whoever -- -- most -- -- is. -- -- -- -- -- is kind of an eerie thing laughing parents and they don't satellite parent to sort of sound like you -- selling women's. The parents and seven until about women have a good time toss him historian Catherine -- I know those are the parents. Mimicking the sounds of -- ladies. Regrettably okay 2007 but it's resurfaced it's got a whole lot of attention. You're almost applicants according and they are and that can't figure out what's going on the living and I wonder cleaning out the want to do they sound like much -- not garbage can and they just mimicking.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"A reviewer was impressed by Google's driverless car's ability to handle traffic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23727022","title":"Driverless Car Gets a Rave Review","url":"/WNN/video/driverless-car-rave-review-23727022"}