'DWTS' Boots Star Before Semifinals

Sean Lowe, from ?The Bachelor,? is the latest to be eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars."
3:20 | 05/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Boots Star Before Semifinals
And welcome to this getting everyone started dancing with the star earned the in the nation I ain't got the -- -- Am -- if you don't want to hearing your -- because this is about to be spoiler. -- Out the door -- -- well. -- -- -- talent don't they had a -- day. There's a lot of -- expected that he might make it just on that. So we have the crime -- to -- Kelli Pickler is still -- When diet. And there -- has done an amazing. Job -- I was just got you yeah she can really -- found -- -- -- to go to Jones also still still in the makes out. -- -- I -- when -- -- the financial. Art is a little disturbing Michael Jackson now accused of molesting a now famous choreographer who's been a -- to Simon the singer at the Neverland Ranch is according to -- -- they obtain legal documents filed by wade Robson. Robson is asking for money from Michael Jackson's estate for childhood sexual abuse -- thirty years old now. Apparently met Michael when he was five they developed a French friendship lasted for years -- time he was seven never sleep overs of the -- -- In 2005 though -- testified in the Michael Jackson molestation trial and -- Michael ever molested them but yeah. Lawyers filed new. But documents that are -- -- seal so they don't detailed the abuse. But according to TMC there is alleged abuse at the hands Michael. -- -- -- two things Black -- now but also dollars. You know the experts will tell you that some people surpasses three years and years and then it kind of mumbled something yeah a lot of people thinking like maybe this guy trying to -- money on the evils and yes this could be completely legit but that's what the court will decide that's -- The Prince Harry he's gonna mature than jerseys aren't enough -- technical America. There was another -- if you may remember when he went to Vegas and strict out of Iraq kinds of Korea funky pictures of him getting down and dirty in her district poker -- something -- -- -- What happened and -- -- did not stay in Vegas for the -- but now he's coming into. Kanye West Aurora and he. Be coming to let you know a town ravaged by hurricanes and he's going to be spending some time with governor Chris Christie is. -- he's gonna go to seaside heights afterward have. Good for -- this -- -- then you know come back rather the prints although we. I really don't think that the big deal anyway what happened in Vegas but this is gonna who's gonna help is good -- and lazy day Atlantic city's not too far away the hot -- the champagne you never know exit anyway maybe we'll be negative part two because conceded that he has been stayed right by his side so let's want to show -- -- -- That's exactly right a quick Al Gore you know you know you -- that they. It was worth one point seven million dollars at the turn of the century thirteen years later when there's presidential bid failed minorities were bound. More than 200 million dollars. -- imagine seven. -- selling current TV recently an -- from stock options and apple recently the rest from speaking fees. So eventually maybe not being president wasn't so bad at least not for his bottom line bank account anyway. Not -- about a million dollars.

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{"id":19131570,"title":"'DWTS' Boots Star Before Semifinals","duration":"3:20","description":"Sean Lowe, from ?The Bachelor,? is the latest to be eliminated from \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-boots-star-semifinals-19131570","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}