Toys to Make You Hop This Easter

Laurie Schacht with plenty of gift ideas that don't involve a sweet tooth.
3:46 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Toys to Make You Hop This Easter
-- -- Easter isn't just for candy and more parents are now giving their kids toys and -- and maybe giving them toys -- said the police who better to give us an insight into what's going to put into the Easter baskets that are Italian -- -- mom Laurie back. What have you. Way to get started and an Easter Bunny and sweets but we on the lookout for some great toys yeah and -- -- Thousands twilight I think this is a little -- there -- so many. The stars and militant. I'm very soothing different color is -- different colors and different -- it. Angels we have our chicken and a tiny bowling Paris OK ready okay. -- -- Yeah and I. Noisy world -- know if not very good. It's great bargain -- have been sent from well minus the rate of 610 -- storytelling. Holidays it's and art yeah. Didn't break he did everything you're doing what's technically they don't want getting lots of these in the -- This is -- go those Smart you know they and they taught him to each. Yes it sure it is. All kinds of little vehicles lots of fun even -- that and not expensive not expand very nice and then we have. Not any -- -- home. An area. Yeah. Little people is -- surprises and it's got to keep Eleanor basket and exciting. Play into the stores and he wouldn't put it away into an eighteen month -- -- his little people every I now no idea this okay. Three -- magic studio this studio grade so great so we have. The modeling clay to make the big picture but each one of these comes -- just right in the house it's -- answers so that it makes her. Each time now this looks like it's really expensive -- -- you know I can't believe that. And it's got a really great texture of the stuff is not good -- getting your -- -- to your kids hair is and I accept and love it love it love it. What's -- opening date and nothing funny in -- Donovan tiny eat there it is ugly season -- that I anyway. We have -- little doubt here and we have -- tranche how this is for the older kids because they're not yet. -- definitely collectibles lemont -- Easter -- to connect little ones are -- Team won the next Batman exactly right -- pain in the yeah -- yeah Landry and tattoos stickers but he's. Our springtime trigger happy new character for spring he -- when you're playing video -- jump CNN jumps like yeah but he's also great to collect on your own senior. Communities asked if that -- -- -- at the very good like -- And finally get about things like coloring books and story but true. A great -- because the -- The construction. Problem problem. Engineering for girls this is Goldie locks in the dunk. The girls meet their -- Hunting to problem solve how to get the dirty -- clean but for purposes. We -- -- to -- and in the death it -- so I've listened to pull the target that. -- -- Yeah that's what you -- -- out of the planning to have meetings. Such great ideas -- wet eight in your web site -- incitement that -- if you want any more information on any of these. Oh wonderful to look at an inexpensive which has really really like -- think you and again and we'll be right back. Easter arrives in yeah.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Laurie Schacht with plenty of gift ideas that don't involve a sweet tooth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23314699","title":"Toys to Make You Hop This Easter","url":"/WNN/video/easter-toy-gift-ideas-23314699"}