Elevator tragedy

A New York City man was crushed to death when he tried to step off an elevator, prompting concerns over elevator safety. ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports.
1:53 | 08/23/19

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Transcript for Elevator tragedy
We turn now to that elevator tragedy here in New York he young man trying to step off a crowded elevator in Manhattan building. Got crushed to death and now we're learning about a history of elevator safety concerns inside that build. This morning an investigation underway into how was simple elevator ride turned deadly frat our crop. Top. Investigators say six people were in the elevator in his 22 story Manhattan apartment building. Two of them got off at the lobby but when thirty year old Samuel ways Brent tried to exit. The elevator malfunctioned suddenly dropping pinning him between the floors and crushing him overnight his heartbroken father speaking out. Absolutely devastated he's not going to be able to father a child Hamlin. Grow up who perhaps the deficit. Firefighters rescued three more people trapped in that elevator who witnessed the horror. I left ten minutes after this happened so my children if they're not have a mother I could have lost my children if they were the ones in the elevator. Residents say they voiced concern about these elevators in the past. Obviously never been initiated this this level but that elevators tend to have many many many problems they always jump. The team play it like that Halloween horror night thing when your next Gary elevator that pops up and down. It's very bad. Beckett made the building was fine nearly thirteen hundred dollars for unsafe elevator conditions in just this week. Workers were back doing routine maintenance on the other elevator. Investigators are now looking into whether that work could have caused the elevator carrying ways bred to crash the New York department of buildings issuing a statement overnight saying. We're determined to find out what went wrong at this building. And seek ways to prevent incidents like this in the future. Last month a work permit was issued to fix the wiring in bold elevators in that building there's no word yet if that played a role here. Some people who live there say they're now so worried about their safety that they're thinking about moving.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"A New York City man was crushed to death when he tried to step off an elevator, prompting concerns over elevator safety. ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65143477","title":"Elevator tragedy","url":"/WNN/video/elevator-tragedy-65143477"}