E*Trade Baby's Voice Goes to Late-Night

The comedian who voices the E*Trade baby is getting a late night TBS show.
2:54 | 02/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for E*Trade Baby's Voice Goes to Late-Night
Welcome to the mix every not and you start out by showing you something that we all recognize only -- little -- popped up on television what's next. Disclaimer investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars and their 401K to hidden fees. Is that we -- looking for the -- hidden fees tenured giant mom dad. We'll let that I got to end their -- -- and every grenades into the kid but it's always been that E*Trade baby -- out of -- said the E*Trade baby I got the name of Pete -- a comedian and a myriad. Getting his own television shallow -- and as apparently going to come -- -- on CBS after Conan sixteen episodes have been ordered this is according to the Hollywood reporter is yet untitled -- -- for for a week. And basically it's going to be half an hour show -- in front of a live studio audience. Sketches short films like comedy field pieces in studio guests lots of really kind of stuff -- Cunningham Ryan is the executive producer that he -- him a likable performer and dial in its innovative -- so I'm. I just see what you can -- what he's a lot of funny stuff -- -- base that -- now being reported that his own show I think it's -- -- he's right the source of the pretty great so. Very -- -- -- little bizarre post it was from. Wisconsin here at -- some folks -- there are about to have their 65. High school where union which is wonderful so all in their eighties find out course. But here's that his little twist they decided to have the reunion in July in the funeral home -- so there's a -- but. Original class of 270 people develop 120 left but apparently 45 members of the high school class had died in the last years of these folks -- From Lincoln high school class of forty and -- say hey we're gonna have a reunion in history our -- is at this age your homes don't. Don't got to bother us because we've been so many funerals of -- -- -- -- that age and it's -- -- -- that I -- it's a good safe place to have -- perhaps inevitably killer the just in case you never know what can go to OK so. Negative yeah I love to get elected and and -- -- that it's and yeah yeah. I got this -- actually one of those things that -- not you don't really really okay Aston Martin the at a luxury car company has teamed up with an company called. Silver cross into make up cramp before it that's what it's -- near a political here is a stroller. They're making a stroller and that's going to happen so -- and let their -- interior Jeff went up cars of the and they're gonna have aluminum wheels -- modeled. After the -- -- -- in a 177. Car which over by the welles' citizen by the way sells for one point two million in euros. And how it in case you're wondering 800 of them will be available for you I have -- -- Part of the lady is that as one expensive toilet. -- that I think is.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"The comedian who voices the E*Trade baby is getting a late night TBS show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18615640","title":"E*Trade Baby's Voice Goes to Late-Night","url":"/WNN/video/etrade-babys-voice-late-night-18615640"}