Exclusive tour: Behind the scenes of 'Aladdin' on Broadway

Aladdin himself, Telly Leung, takes ABC News' Rachel Scott backstage.
4:08 | 06/11/18

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Transcript for Exclusive tour: Behind the scenes of 'Aladdin' on Broadway
We're rolling out. The magic carpet. Or are. Bitches Disney's Aladdin we're not fanatic bacteria do. Don't think these days is Aladdin is in its fifth here are Broadway taking nearly seven million people around the world ride. And ABC's Rachel Scott take his backstage to show us how one lamp and three wishes can open up. A whole new world a whole new world. It's shining shimmering hand splendid. With six productions around the globe Disney's Aladdin on Broadway. The celebrating another year. Sharing his new world view but don't you dare close your eyes because after telling beyond is showing us just how little. Together and make way for prince Ollie. Now Mary I want. Time I'm that would lead I'd say that you got very very let's start it are you guys that if it got its start. Come on it got it out no need for a magic carpet for this toward what is left the loud and lead the way. Now you are in the bunker they call this the bunker were actually underneath estates above you is that deck where the show is happening every night so I mean during the so did you hear people. Tap dancing death. But this the bunkered down here is where all of the ensemble members all of our dancers make all of their team. There are more than 300 costumes in the show. All of them custom made by hand with special Mike hidden in the Siemens the fastest changing the show just nine seconds. They believe it or not each pair of pants has over 14100. It's rosty crystals. And back about a lot of blame to have and that's can't let. Not an awful lot at Atlanta and they say the glitz and glamour Broadway they're talking about this man and abdominal. These constant main beauty of the look but it takes Morton just sparkle to get on Broadway. Already they already far Appleton I go back supple all changed and what's gonna have to learn what that me. Learn how apple I am and then I'll help. Honor next stop things got. Erie believe it or not they're over 100 pieces. Of hair and a shout out when people let's get Bobby show oftentimes they wonder that. You know people are in their own hair actually for the most part office especially the women. They're not they're actually in. These beautifully hand made weeks actually. I'm many Israelis are human hair and it you know each one of them is is will be in one piece of hair at a time to create a cost and weight every actress. And underneath this week actually many actors will Wear a microphone under that they hide the microphone underneath the way. And it's not just for the ladies even the fabulous shall we say ER. Wait an. It aren't. It's wild. Share in the Vietnam. I was on a mission of Michael. You know I'm in search of one thing and that at the fine. No I am. Right here we go let's find out lamb pattern each one of these lands is actually 3-D printing one tropic plastic at a time wow takes a total of two days just to print the land. With a three printer with all this talk of the lamp I was ready to meet the genie. Even TDs and I thought that. The cookbook. Our commitment and it and it did it for what waiting for it but absolutely. T yeah asking us how does have to see my three wishes for my next trip to acrobat and think slated for sharing his world with us. After all here showed you let me so bad so it can't. Now one oh lead. Little. And protect finished the guns seem old classic song that we loved from the animation men plus some new lions' opponent isn't as which is one that's like gets it audience completely going. I see it o'clock sic ray yes the classic wine a whole new world thanks different folly obvious amazing grace as. Oh yeah. Home. And Elizabeth.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Aladdin himself, Telly Leung, takes ABC News' Rachel Scott backstage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"55805176","title":"Exclusive tour: Behind the scenes of 'Aladdin' on Broadway","url":"/WNN/video/exclusive-tour-scenes-aladdin-broadway-55805176"}