'Fainting Goats' all the Rage at Pennsylvania Farm

When startled, the goats' muscles freeze, causing them to collapse, stiff as a board.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Transcript for 'Fainting Goats' all the Rage at Pennsylvania Farm
Okay. I'm just on that list ABC's new show resurrection getting pretty popular this next story may be a variation on that thing it has to do it. -- Ghosts in central Pennsylvania where they are breeding what are called. Fainting goats -- and that's exactly what they did -- -- get more from Stephen Fisher from our station in Harrisburg. Here on -- flower farm in Lancaster. He's behind -- have a unique quality of their own. And just like that could go saints they're commonly -- fainting goats but -- act the correct term is my tonic and. When startled -- frighten their muscles tighten causing him to tip over -- becomes stiff as a board. It doesn't hurt him at all it's completely muscular it doesn't affect any other system looks can anybody here breathing. Parallels has been breeding -- goats here in Lancaster for close to twenty years I didn't think my claim to fame was going to be. My fainting goats I am called the crazy -- lady by many it's because I love my dad and just recently heard goats have been getting a lot of attention. And TV wants to use this video of -- on the one of their shows that have put it on their show how ridiculous -- We also were contacted by the BBC and provided some footage for their show which I believe has called the world's weirdest animals. Out. These goods may have an imperfection but because of it. -- -- and the good life because of that uniqueness people like to have the fainting goats and they get treated like dogs and cats they get. A really good life working for you in Lancaster County Stephen Fisher ABC 27 news. Strangest thing it's strange but they're so cute aren't very if you -- that there's a quote from them they're pretty they're friendly they make wonderful little lawnmower. Multi he's heard throughout and other gifts and they also fertilize the war hey there you go in the -- is growing they've had 36 new. The baby is going -- kid born since February 15. -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"When startled, the goats' muscles freeze, causing them to collapse, stiff as a board. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22965102","title":"'Fainting Goats' all the Rage at Pennsylvania Farm","url":"/WNN/video/fainting-goats-pennsylvania-farm-22965102"}