Fall personal finance trends

Finance expert Vera Gibbons stops in to share this fall's biggest personal finance trends.
4:52 | 10/11/17

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Fall Fashion Week has just wrapped up which of course gave us jams like the see through shirt and did the dazzled beard. For ladies. Well what's hot in fall. Financial fashion in year asking that. How can benefit your bed bottom line consumer expert. Vera Gibbons and our own fashion and east is here with those answers good morning chief and obviously leopard is and yeah. Yes but it never went down India hicks and guest post for us and you told us that animal prints are Berrian for follow on order riots insular world so I'm going to trends can Ireland and back when both but what's financially well. What is it in overall financial trends not quite as sexy as the fall financial trans 01 of the big trends and spending. OK so I don't mean spending is projected to be up over nine billion dollars. Holiday spending projected to be app anywhere from fort afford a half percent contestants from Deloitte. So we're spending now that this you could say is a good thing because the economy is probably pretty good shape and people have jobs of them are confident but. They're getting a little carried away there is a survey done by pure point financial which is a partner ours. Aha showing that 13 of Americans spend on impulse and three in ten. Often spend more than they have available so. It's not expense and spent as we get into the holiday season now people by plane tickets vacant hotel reservations they've my guess is they know overboard. A yes they do they go on Amazon they have few drinks late at night. Who are. That that a counselor a lot of my spending buying or renting. Face the same question earlier this year what's. More in style. What's a well what's in style now is there are renting a can the American dream of homeownership has obviously changed millennial so set the tone and that presidents not even within their we have passer not in thinking they can buy a home. But if you look at the rates of home ownership they've actually gone down across. All generations and the percentage of households who are now renters. Is it the highest level since the 1960s. And 1960 five's isn't that amazing that it isn't a times. And that's interviewed her realtor just last week he said that the real estate market is something a little bit so on the right it is strange and in in New York in particular SI know there's no inventory and the prices are neck Ellis. All right I'm what is digging. Dictate every Wednesday when it now. OK it's actually even if they don't know what it is 34% of the work forces gain and then out abnormal numbers projected to go up until it is a 48 it's taken on those games Bloomberg home early lands. Air me in the we call that the side hustle it's a lot that's not overhead. No ever and I and then you can hand this is the time of year weren't fazed her really check out because everyone's looking to make that extra bit of cash from the high season so digging. Taking on the side by the Communist China also Aaliyah is very much in style for hall a mini gig isn't UPS driver. There you go yeah. Not a lot of ingenuity could ever think it's funny sign of the millennial it's actually we're seeing a growing percentage of pre retirees and retirees. I mean people like the facts and an event like the schedules some money's pretty good if you look at the economy in general over 200 billion dollars made. Digging hustling correction made all gig as a Wal-Mart greeter. Betting is big. Batting when we saw this over the summer a lot of people betting dang on the lottery staff lottery fever was very much alive this summer. People are betting that in the stock market she we've had a nice long bull monitored around here but what worries me a little bit is people getting into digital currencies things they don't know I mean bitcoin a particular people seem to know what this is they've heard about it they read about it they've seen about it on TV. But to jump in a line late in invest in and visual currency like that claiming don't know how to answer what watching is or how actually works is completely crazy. Here's a thing people have seen the upside. And admits is goes up and down crap because by government. And they want to jump in on that bandwagon that's just a really bad idea bening and bedding warm you know putting money and then you can import loses ever a good idea who that's sure it's right now guerrilla quickly once traveled a sudden in style. Wolves get to that time the only people who can't tell yet so we'll lentils are doing it to they're saying the present on that front they're going to be experiences over the traditional travel. And then borrowing is another big fall. Financial trying to hate to say it borrowing levels now at record high levels of you know a trillion dollars in panic turned over Chilean actually in credit card debt so. That's a problematic ultra and it's only gonna escalate again. As we get into peak spending Perry which is. Write about and added it's hard Vera Gibbons thank you and affairs website of course nonpolitical news.com we thank you so much for joining us next time. What's hot in summer where he's. You're right yeah.

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{"id":50409634,"title":"Fall personal finance trends ","duration":"4:52","description":"Finance expert Vera Gibbons stops in to share this fall's biggest personal finance trends.","url":"/WNN/video/fall-personal-finance-trends-50409634","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}