Fidgeting May Be Good For Your Health

A new study finds fidgeting may help offset the risks of a sedentary lifestyle.
2:52 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for Fidgeting May Be Good For Your Health
And now it's time for the next one of looking over newsroom over there and XX Jack in the US UV's the today. It's fitting that he realized hey Jack please Arctic high upside but apparently. Peterson a new study backed by the American journal of preventative medicine that says they found that fidgeting actually helps offset negative health acts. The stock slips it I don't know about colds as the researchers in Britain conducted the study for twelve years at the used wasn't 121000 participants they weren't Jack. Because they were all women and they thought that women who sat still had a higher mortality rate in the Olympic kind of figured it had moved around a lot but they do stay. That. Jack what are you doing. The book value that frantic trading buns of steel what I get hot. By the way Jack makes a good point forgetting it does not replace is not a replacement for physical trading or exercise which looks like that's what he's doing right now. Bouquet of enforcing and her Carpal Tunnel Syndrome it's what you guys so. The greatest way perhaps to honor the Pope is to have his likeness in food and we have this fantastic idea for the segment we're gonna get it. Pete's Arab pretzel from. This Philly pretzel factory and Langhorne Pennsylvania and it's beautiful pretzel that came. That's a beautiful pretzel came here to the newsroom on the fifth floor. It was going to be here in our presence for this segment honor the pop and do you know what they did upstairs. Don't tell me they ate the pretzel. They ain't no threat so they ate at the acts in the hope they are they eight they've all we have left the soft. They ate the pretzel so we don't have that to show right now but this is you know I other love our newscast our overnight news especially nothing gets past them they are the best in the business but. Think somebody might have been asking real port but quite possibly after the Pope might have to give a little. So they're hungry and thirsty right now have. I have but there's also pizza tested here in New York City that isn't oh likeness of the Pope a Pope says he plans to try some New York pizza while here. Hope that's a little dangerous you know he comes from rubble. All of these teams he knows good pizza knows good pizza but New York pixels. High school kicker got to see that's what keeps abolish the reps had up until. Old old did you see that did you see that yes gas. Time for a line drive. Often referees had bounces off mix Google it and it was not intentional by the way it this was apparently the accident took place in Texas mid the only high school. And he makes it it makes him that is awesome. He would never qualify for the jets. Poor. I guess we'll give the jets of grade science.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"A new study finds fidgeting may help offset the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33999941","title":"Fidgeting May Be Good For Your Health","url":"/WNN/video/fidgeting-good-health-33999941"}